Kata Containers, Zuul Graduates As OpenStack’s Ist Infrastructure Projects

The OpenStack Foundation (OSF) has announced that former projects Kata Containers and Zuul have exited their pilot phase to become the first top-level Open Infrastructure Projects of the Foundation.

While evaluating these pilot projects for confirmation, the Board of Directors at OSF considered whether they could demonstrate: a strategic focus aligned with that of the OpenStack Foundation and its Open Infrastructure mission well-defined governance procedures; a commitment to technical best practices and open collaboration, especially as conveyed by the principles of the Four Opens; and an actively engaged ecosystem of developers and users that demonstrates a growing, healthy, and diverse community.

Allison Randal, board member, OpenStack Foundation, added: “In recognizing Kata Containers and Zuul as confirmed Open Infrastructure Projects, we are acknowledging the stability and maturity of these software projects and celebrating the growth and momentum of their respective collaborative communities.”

Kata Containers became an OSF pilot project in December 2017 and was confirmed on April 8, 2019. During this time, the contributor base expanded considerably, with 4,125 all-time commits from 116 authors representing more than 22 companies.

Zuul became an OSF pilot project in May 2018 and was confirmed as an Open Infrastructure Project on April 28, 2019. During this period, the community issued 15 releases, delivering features including support for AWS, OpenShift and multiple Ansible versions.

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