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The Cloud Report is a hybrid journal. It appears in a printed and an online version. Printed we present articles, interviews, conference reports, cloud test results. Online you find all of this, but a lot more: news, our blog, more articles, call for proposals, …

The Cloud Report screens the Topic ‘Cloud’ in depth. Why is cloud becoming more relevant? How do you get into cloud? What clouds are there? Which technologies are used? Which providers are there and how do they differ? What are the costs for the user? How is the data secured? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the various offerings from the user´s and customer´s perspective? We will answer these and many other questions in our ‘Report’.

Particularly with regard to possible security concerns and the individual needs of individual customers, questions about data center locations, tailor-made service offerings or personal contact options also play a major role, which may not even be expressed in benchmarks and hard figures. We want to pick up on and illuminate this, too, and shed some light on the fascinating and diverse world in which we all live.

We get answers from various cloud providers, with whom we go through a comprehensive questionnaire and customer-relevant scenarios. We deepen this through independent, objective tests that focus on conditions of use, speed and service. We evaluate the resulting data under various aspects that are not exclusively technical.

This results in rankings and tables help customers to inform themselves independently and to find the right provider for themselves and their needs. But not only readers of the report get comprehensive, independent data, also providers can inform themselves about their market, see where they stand, where their strengths lie in comparison. But they can also recognize their possible weaknesses and potentials, see possible pent-up demand or discover approaches for further specializations and improvements. And of course, they present themselves to interested readers and potential customers.

Our main concern is to provide a neutral and comprehensive insight into the possibilities, opportunities and differentiations of cloud offerings. Of course, we don’t just focus on the large, international providers, we also want to test and survey national providers, because they are an essential, but often unnoticed part of the market for us.

The evaluations are supplemented with articles on cloud relevant topics, interviews with cloud providers, events, job offers and much more.



For a PDF version of issue 3/2019 go here: CloudReport_2019_03_GesamtPDF

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Content: Container Technology, Kubernetes, GC Build


For a PDF version of issue 2/2019 go here: CloudReport_2019_02

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Content: New Work, Hybrid Thinking, Agility, Digital Innovation, Design Thinking

Testresults 2/2019


For a PDF version of issue 1/2019 go here: TheCloudReport_02

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Content: Storage, Ceph, Rook, Project Delivery, Geo Redunancy

Testresults 1/2019

For a PDF version of issue 1/2018 go here: TheCloudReport_01-2018

To order a physical copy please send an e-mail to: vertrieb@cloudical.io

Content: DevOps Mindset and Tools, Wege in die Cloud

Testresults 1/2018