Security is the Driving Force for Choosing a DevOps Platform

Results of the sixth Global DevSecOps survey show efficiency, higher quality code, and developer productivity are key drivers for DevOps adoption

GitLab Inc. released the results of its annual Global DevSecOps survey. The survey consisted of 5,001 respondents, including developers, operations and security practitioners and organizational leaders. It found that, following two years of explosive technological adoption, nearly three-quarters of respondents have adopted – or plan to adopt within the year – a DevOps platform in order to meet rising industry expectations around security, compliance, toolchain consolidation, and faster software delivery.

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Hot Topics at Open Infrastructure Summit Berlin – 5G, DPUs, Confidential Computing, Sustainability

The Open Infrastructure (OpenInfra) Foundation invites you to the upcoming Open Infrastructure Summit Berlin in June.

Joining the Summit agenda are leaders from BBC R&D, Bloomberg, BMW, Ciena, European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, Federal Ministry of Germany, Fungible, Nubificus, Skatteverket, Société Générale and Vexxhost. Additional presenters, announced previously, include users from Adobe, AWS, Canonical, China Mobile, OVHCloud, Red Hat, SovereignCloudStack, Volvo and Workday.

At the Open Infrastructure Summit Berlin, June 7-9, OpenInfra users and supporters will engage in more than 100 sessions around open infrastructure use cases like cloud computing, edge computing, hardware enablement and security. The Summit is focused on helping users compose, integrate, and operate these different technologies at scale to solve real problems for the next decade.

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OpenStack Demonstrates Harmony of Stability and Innovation

The OpenStack community released this week Yoga, the 25th version of the world’s most widely deployed open source cloud infrastructure software. Yoga highlights include support for advanced hardware features such as SmartNIC DPUs, improved integration with cloud-native software such as Kubernetes and Prometheus and reduction of technical debt to maintain a stable and reliable OpenStack core.

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Sovereign Cloud Stack – Release 2

Update of the central components to OpenStack Xena, OSISM 3.0.0 as well as Kubernetes Cluster API 1.0.x

The Sovereign Cloud Stack, funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection, released today its third version. Highlights of Release 2 are the updating of all open source components and the simplified provision of operational tools and Kubernetes clusters, in particular the realized connectivity to the Gaia-X Federation Services (GXFS).

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Open Infrastructure Summit in June

In-person event in Berlin features more than 100 sessions for developers and users of open source technology

The event, held in person for the first time since November 2019, takes place June 7-9, 2022, at the Berlin Congress Center. The schedule for the 2022 Open Infrastructure Summit features keynotes and sessions from users like Volvo, Adobe, Bloomberg and China Mobile. Other notable speakers include AWS, Canonical, Red Hat, Workday, OVHCloud, SovereignCloudStack and many more.

Register today: Early Bird savings by Thursday, March 18

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Building an As-a-Service Development Environment: Benefits at a Glance

How Audi accelerates innovation with Red Hat’s enterprise Kubernetes platform

Companies that want to consistently drive innovation and accelerate application development need an adequate IT platform. It should support a wide variety of applications and use cases and be deployable both in the company’s own data center and across one or more cloud providers.

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CO2-free energy supply around the clock

The most ambitious sustainability plan yet

As the world’s largest purchaser of renewable energy per year, Google is leading the way on extensive clean energy projects. In the third decade of their active commitment to climate protection, they are tackling the most ambitious sustainability goal to date: they want to use CO2-free electricity everywhere, around the clock till 2030.

(Foto von Harry Cunningham von Pexels)

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