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Today we live in a highly digitized world, where machines, tools, networks, and humans collide on a regular basis. In the human component we want to think about the people behind the tech, to talk about their ideas and idealism and to give a chance to connect all the technology with real life stories. Here we talk about the real understanding of open source, about diversity, human rights connected with technology.

In recent years, we learned the hard way that open source software requires substantial maintenance work. Just because the source code is open to inspection does not mean anyone is looking. While not the first incident, Heartbleed raised the awareness that even widely used open source software needs to be maintained. We must remember the lesson we already learned with Heartbleed: We need healthy open source projects if we want high-quality and secure software.

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“New Work” has become a buzzword. But what does it mean? How does work change when all parties involved takes it seriously? And what does „The world we want to live in“ look like?

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To gain real DevOps and true transparency the SCS team around Kurt Garloff and Felix Kronlage-Dammers introduced the 5th open paradigm: open operations. That means transparent processes, advanced collaboration, error culture, and open documentation. How they want to master the challenges around that idea, both tell us in this article.

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At the Container Days 2021 in Hamburg I had the pleasure of meeting Bill Mulligan from CNCF* in person and we talked about the three p’s of CNCF (projects, places, people), Kubernetes, and how CNCF is growing.

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Responsible use of public money means that software should be accessible and freely available – we at publicplan think and act according to this credo. This approach promotes further development and stands for participation. Based on this understanding, publicplan has committed itself to the idea of free and open source software.

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Open source projects are living by the contribution of time, ideas and passion of enthusiasts. In this article we introduce sustainable open source projects and a passionate initiative of the enthusiasts of protontypes.

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If you know the cloud report a little bit, you already know that we thematize topics like diversity, responsibility, sustainability beside all kind of cloud computing things. We understand “cloud” holistically, and we understand “open source” as a mindset of sharing, collaboration, forward-looking, reasonable, social. The open source communities and foundations like the Cloud Foundry Foundation are showing right now the future of technology´s development! This time we think about social responsibility.

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The open source way of Red Hat

After this year´s Red Hat Summit the cloud report talked with Robert Lindner, Country Manager Red Hat Germany, about Red Hat as an open source company. About: open source – open mind – open hybrid – open multi – open community, but also about vendor lockin and cloud exit strategies.

In my last comment I explained why diversity is important and a true value and strength for all communities, but also for society. And now I´m talking about equality? Equality in spite of diversity? Of course!

We only gain the full power of diversity if we consider our equality. Our equality as human beings. We are all different in our personality, outward appearance, faith, talent, sex, but we are all equal in our value!

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The last year has influenced many things, and we have no­ticed it most in our professional lives in the way we work together. We are now used to communicate and work via a screen and shared resources. But for a large part of the IT world, this was not new – the open source communities.

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We of the cloud report share this statement because we love the diversity of the open source communities and don’t understand any kind of discrimination, hate or xenophobia:

Statement from CNCF General Manager Priyanka Sharma on the unacceptable attacks against AAPI and Asian communities: Posted on March 18, 2021 By Priyanka Sharma:

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