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Digital Business

Digitalization, Disruption and New Work

The new way of life

Training result: Gone with the wind?

Agile Transformation for small- and medium- sized Enterprises: first steps

Global Strategic Alliances in the IT Ecosystem

Separation Pains in everyday Business

Project management – Tips for remote teams

The Need of optimized and secure Processes



Microservices over Monolithic

Automated Quality Assurance for Ansible Playbooks

From Iaas to managed PaaS

What’s Iaas all about?



Happy birthday zero trust – now let the machines take your cloud from here

Why your organization has to be cloud-native

Building the Clouds

Exploring cloud-based archival: The benefits, challenges and opportunities

How to approach Cloud Properly

SaaS – Selling clouds

Smarter clouds, smarter businesses: How AI is transforming the cloud computing industry

Stay ahead of the pack – and capture the full potential of your cloud business

The Evolution of Cloud Computing – Where’s it going next?

What exactly is “Cloud Native” even?

Why cloud infrastructure is an increasingly exclusive club – with only a few having the cash to get in

Why Cloud Native isn’t just for the Cloud

The change to the agile operation of cloud-native applications 

Energy Awareness in Cloud Technology

CI/CD in cloud-native environments

Approaching Cloud-Native Security

How Cloud Can Increase Productivity in the New Normal

How to choose a cloud for your business



The Death of the Developer

Security and DevOps: Getting them to Work Together

The Age of DevOps

Why agile and scale without DevOps spell predictable doom



Kubernetes as a service: What is it – and do you really need it?

ROOK: New Winds in the v1.1 release

Ancientt – Automation for Network Testing Tools

Benefits of Kubernetes

Etcd in Kubernetes

Kubernetes – The essential Ingredient for every Enterprise

Network Namespaces

Rook more than Ceph

From Idea to Deployment: Writing a Service and running it on Kubernetes

Securing Kubernetes Clusters: The Interplay of Cilium, Istio and Octarine



Secure Development

Addressing Security Challenges in Hybrid Cloud Environments

A two-away approach towards security in Cloud Computing

8 Ways Covid-19 is impacting Cloud Security



Dynamic Systens and their Testing



The Arrival of Headless Content Management