Hot Topics at Open Infrastructure Summit Berlin – 5G, DPUs, Confidential Computing, Sustainability

The Open Infrastructure (OpenInfra) Foundation invites you to the upcoming Open Infrastructure Summit Berlin in June.

Joining the Summit agenda are leaders from BBC R&D, Bloomberg, BMW, Ciena, European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, Federal Ministry of Germany, Fungible, Nubificus, Skatteverket, Société Générale and Vexxhost. Additional presenters, announced previously, include users from Adobe, AWS, Canonical, China Mobile, OVHCloud, Red Hat, SovereignCloudStack, Volvo and Workday.

At the Open Infrastructure Summit Berlin, June 7-9, OpenInfra users and supporters will engage in more than 100 sessions around open infrastructure use cases like cloud computing, edge computing, hardware enablement and security. The Summit is focused on helping users compose, integrate, and operate these different technologies at scale to solve real problems for the next decade.

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New speakers, including several Linux OpenStack Kubernetes Infrastructure (LOKI) users, presenting at the Summit include:

  • Bloomberg team members will be talking about how they scaled multiple single-cell OpenStack clouds to now support over 10,000 virtual machines. A Summit Spotlight sponsor, Bloomberg is actively recruiting to grow their team!
  • Ciena—As a founding member of the ENCQOR 5G project, Ciena has been a key contributor to Canada’s extensive 5G ecosystem. The 5G project brought together a wide network of industry leaders, service providers, academia and over 800 small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to collaborate on the creation and commercialization of new and disruptive products, processes and services. The ENCQOR 5G compute network on OpenStack is supported by Ciena in collaboration with Vexxhost, the OpenInfra Foundation’s newest Gold Member.
  • BBC R&D—As climate change threatens our world, minimizing the carbon emissions created by our work is an imperative. To help with this, BBC Research and Development is building dashboards that let users of its private OpenStack cloud track the carbon dioxide emissions resulting from each of its VMs. Combining real-time data from electricity producers with metrics from the compute hosts, BBC R&D is giving users a tool to monitor, and eventually to reduce, the environmental impact of their various workloads.
  • European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts—Migration to the cloud computing paradigm has been a considerable and occasionally complicated undertaking for many organizations and companies in the last few years. Meteorology is no exception, where there is a great diversity in the adoption of cloud computing and related technologies such as microservices. ECMWF will share how Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) and Earth Observation (EO) data processing close to its physical location is a perfect use case for cloud technologies and cloud storage infrastructures.
  • Fungible, an OpenInfra Foundation Silver Member, will discuss how it is accelerating the next generation data center with DPUs. In this session, Fungible will share a few examples where it is already providing record-breaking performance and flexibility to bring hyperscale cloud benefits to the data center.
  • Skatteverket (Swedish tax agency)—Cloud and Data Center Strategists Daniel Melin and Peter Nordström will join Franziska Brantner, the state secretary in the Federal Ministry (Germany) for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, to discuss the role open source technologies play in addressing digital sovereignty concerns. This discussion will be moderated by Frederic Lardinois, senior enterprise editor at TechCrunch.
  • Société Générale, an OpenInfra Foundation Silver Member, has been migrating their traditional IT infrastructure to an OpenStack private Cloud starting in 2017 and now has more than 18,000 virtual machines distributed worldwide in four regions and eight availability zones. This session will cover the main challenges met by the Société Générale OpenStack Feature Team and how they’re overcoming them.
  • BMW will describe how Zuul continues to drive innovation in the automotive industry, sharing why it has chosen to operate Zuul and contribute to the Zuul community. This session will include the turning points of BMW’s journey in scaling CI with Zuul, fueled by the development of Zuul v5.
  • Nubificus will be talking about its production use case with Kata Containers, the open source container runtime.

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