Author: Johannes Samaschke

CO2-free energy supply around the clock

The most ambitious sustainability plan yet

As the world’s largest purchaser of renewable energy per year, Google is leading the way on extensive clean energy projects. In the third decade of their active commitment to climate protection, they are tackling the most ambitious sustainability goal to date: they want to use CO2-free electricity everywhere, around the clock till 2030.

(Foto von Harry Cunningham von Pexels)

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Kubernetes 1.22: Reaching New Peaks

The Kubernetes community recently announced the release of Kubernetes 1.22. This release consists of 53 enhancements: 13 enhancements have graduated to stable, 24 enhancements are moving to beta, and 16 enhancements are entering alpha. Also, three features have been deprecated.

Major Themes

Server-side Apply graduates to GA

Server-side Apply is a new field ownership and object merge algorithm running on the Kubernetes API server. Server-side Apply helps users and controllers manage their resources via declarative configurations. It allows them to create and/or modify their objects declaratively, simply by sending their fully specified intent. After being in beta for a couple releases, Server-side Apply is now generally available.

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