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OpenStack Ussuri Release – Delivering Automation for Intelligent Open Infrastructure

21st release of open source cloud software platform includes improvements in core functionality, automation, cross-cell cold migration, containerized applications and support for new use cases at multiple levels in the stack.

***The OpenStack Ussuri  release will be available for download at 10am CDT (17 pm CET). Follow the link to learn more about features and enhancements.***

AUSTIN, Texas — May 13, 2020 — The OpenStack community today released Ussuri, the 21st version of the most widely deployed open source cloud infrastructure software. The release delivers advancements in three core areas:

  1. Ongoing improvements to the reliability of the core infrastructure layer
  2. Enhancements to security and encryption capabilities
  3. Extended versatility to deliver support for new and emerging use cases

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Open Sourcing the Kubernetes Security Audit

Last year, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) began the process of performing and open sourcing third-party security audits for its projects in order to improve the overall security of our ecosystem. The idea was to start with a handful of projects and gather feedback from the CNCF community as to whether or not this pilot program was useful. The first projects to undergo this process were CoreDNS, Envoy and Prometheus. These first public audits identified security issues from general weaknesses to critical vulnerabilities. With these results, project maintainers for CoreDNS, Envoy and Prometheus have been able to address the identified vulnerabilities and add documentation to help users.

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Kata Containers, Zuul Graduates As OpenStack’s Ist Infrastructure Projects

The OpenStack Foundation (OSF) has announced that former projects Kata Containers and Zuul have exited their pilot phase to become the first top-level Open Infrastructure Projects of the Foundation.

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