Rook V1.0 Is Here

The website gets a complete makeover.

The Rook v1.0, the first major release of the open source cloud native storage orchestrator for Kubernetes, is here! The code base has matured through a series of minor releases, starting with the humble beginnings of v0.1 and reaching v0.9 late last year.

Ever since the initial public release in November 2016, the project has recently surpassed over 5,000 stars on GitHub. It has now been downloaded almost 40 million times.

Moreover, the website has been completely redesigned with a new experience, artwork, user guides, and documentation layout.

The Ceph operator now supports Nautilus, the latest major version of Ceph, along with all of its new features and improvements. Nautilus joins the existing support for Luminous and Mimic. Also, the Ceph cluster upgrade process is now fully automated, helping ensure the success of your upgrades by removing the error-prone manual steps.

EdgeFS added new storage protocol support with OpenStack Swift and a new iSCSI block storage CSI driver as well.

Rook’s NFS operator has got a new dynamic provisioning support. Now, when your pod requests a NFS file system, Rook will on-demand provision and prepare it without any manual intervention.

Rook further plans to continue maturing all of its supported storage providers, as well as investing further in the Rook framework. Additionally, the team would explore dynamic provisioning of new resource types by integrating with Crossplane, the open-source multi-cloud control plane founded by Upbound.


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