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Open Source Osquery Project To Get Its Own Foundation

Linux Foundation, along with engineers from companies like Facebook and Google is planning to create a new foundation for the osquery project to support the growth and sustainability of the project.

“We believe the creation of the osquery Foundation is the best next step to support the community’s ongoing development and priorities,” said Teddy Reed, an engineering manager at Facebook and longtime osquery contributor.

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Alibaba Cloud Launches New Products and Features at APAC Summit

Alibaba Cloud, the data intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group, is focused on providing the Asia Pacific region with a cloud service to drive a highly integrated technology ecosystem. In line with its goal, Alibaba Cloud today launched more than 10 new products and features at the Alibaba Cloud APAC Summit. The company also announced a new accelerator program connecting technology partners with the Alibaba ecosystem.

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GigaSpaces Receives Red Hat OpenSHIFT Certification

GigaSpaces, the provider of InsightEdge, has achieved Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification for the Insight Edge In-Memory Computing Platform.

Red Hat OpenShift’s cloud-agnostic support combined with GigaSpaces multi-region and cloud replication module can improve the efficiency of enterprises’ cloud and multi-cloud migration initiatives by helping to optimize bandwidth and reduce data transfer costs between regions and cloud providers.

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Humio Achieves Impressive Data Processing Milestone

Data management company Humio has announced results of a new benchmark running 100TB/day providing real-time visibility of data at scale.

Using cloud resources, Kubernetes, and the company’s own tools, the development team demonstrated what customers are already experiencing with their own deployments of the Humio platform. The Scalability Benchmark delivers live observability of 100 TB loads on only 25 nodes with ease, the company said.

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Configure On-Premise Cloud Environments In Minutes

Mirantis has launched a web-based SaaS application to help users deploy a compact cloud and experience the flexibility and agility of Infrastructure-as-Code. Model Designer for Mirantis Cloud Platform (MCP) is said to help infrastructure operators build customized, curated, exclusively open source configurations for on-premise cloud environments.

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Kata Containers, Zuul Graduates As OpenStack’s Ist Infrastructure Projects

The OpenStack Foundation (OSF) has announced that former projects Kata Containers and Zuul have exited their pilot phase to become the first top-level Open Infrastructure Projects of the Foundation.

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Three Days Container Festival in the Port of Hamburg

ContainerDays 2019 in Hamburg

From 24 to 26 June 2019, the fourth edition of ContainerDays will take place on the premises of the Hafenmuseum Hamburg. For this year the organizer Loodse expects up to a thousand container enthusiasts from all over the world.


To kick off on 24 June, there will be a workshop day on which participants will be able to learn how to use container technologies in a very practical way. The actual conference will then take place on 25 and 26 June. With speakers such as Craig McLuckie, co-founder of the Kubernetes project, Ihor Dvoretskyi, Developer Advocate of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, and many more, ContainerDays will once again bring internationally leading experts to the stage this year. And of course the certain festival character with foodtrucks and chillout lounges, which makes up ContainerDays, should not be missing. So the trip to Hamburg is definitely worth it.

A little fun fact at the end: the former free port area where the conference takes place was once the largest and most modern transshipment facility in the city. However, in the 1960s, containers started to appear and both, the shed and the harbour basin, became too small for the new container ships. In shipping, too, containers were a revolutionary technology that brought about many exciting changes.

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GitLab 11.6 released with Serverless and Group-level Clusters

Deploy serverless workloads to any cloud via GitLab

Serverless computing dynamically allocates cloud resources whenever a piece of code is executed, optimizing allocation and distribution of the resources used to run your code. It is growing in popularity with developers because it allows them to focus on what matters most, namely writing code, without worrying about the underlying information technology infrastructure.

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Microsoft and Docker announce new deployment standard for cloud-native applications

Cloud-Native Application Bundles project offers a standard way to define complex, containerized applications for a variety of environments

Microsoft and Docker have jointly announced a new project to create “an open-source, cloud-agnostic specification for packaging and running distributed applications,” according to Microsoft’s press notes.

A Cloud Native Application Bundle (CNAB), as it’s called, provides a standard way for developers to package and run containerized applications in many computing environments, from Docker on a workstation to Kubernetes in a cloud instance.

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