Agility/New Work/Coaching/Training/Mindset

Digital Business

Digitalization, Disruption and New Work

The new way of life

Training result: Gone with the wind?

Agile Transformation for small- and medium- sized Enterprises: first steps

Global Strategic Alliances in the IT Ecosystem

Separation Pains in everyday Business

Project management – Tips for remote teams

The Need of optimized and secure Processes



Microservices over Monolithic

Automated Quality Assurance for Ansible Playbooks



Why your organization has to be cloud-native

Building the Clouds

Exploring cloud-based archival: The benefits, challenges and opportunities

How to approach Cloud Properly

SaaS – Selling clouds

Smarter clouds, smarter businesses: How AI is transforming the cloud computing industry

Stay ahead of the pack – and capture the full potential of your cloud business

The Evolution of Cloud Computing – Where’s it going next?

What exactly is “Cloud Native” even?

Why cloud infrastructure is an increasingly exclusive club – with only a few having the cash to get in

Why Cloud Native isn’t just for the Cloud

The change to the agile operation of cloud-native applications 

Energy Awareness in Cloud Technology

CI/CD in cloud-native environments



The Death of the Developer

Security and DevOps: Getting them to Work Together

The Age of DevOps

Why agile and scale without DevOps spell predictable doom



Kubernetes as a service: What is it – and do you really need it?

ROOK: New Winds in the v1.1 release

Ancientt – Automation for Network Testing Tools

Benefits of Kubernetes

Etcd in Kubernetes

Kubernetes – The essential Ingredient for every Enterprise

Network Namespaces

Rook more than Ceph

From Idea to Deployment: Writing a Service and running it on Kubernetes

Securing Kubernetes Clusters: The Interplay of Cilium, Istio and Octarine



Secure Development

Addressing Security Challenges in Hybrid Cloud Environments

A two-away approach towards security in Cloud Computing


Dynamic Systens and their Testing



The Arrival of Headless Content Management