VanillaStack – now Certified Kubernetes Platform 

CNCF accommodates VanillaStack into the Cloud Native Landscape 

The complete open source cloud stack VanillaStack passed the Certified Kubernetes Conformance Program of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and is now Certified Kubernetes.


The CNCF describes the Conformance Program:  

This program gives end users the confidence that when they use a Certified Kubernetes product they can rely on a high level of common functionality. It gives Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) confidence that if their customer is using a Certified Kubernetes platform that their software will behave as expected. 

This certificate proves users of the VanillaStack that it maintains the high standards of the CNCF, that it is really open source and contains the latest and greatest developments from the community 

With this certificate VanillaStack entered the Cloud Native Landscape which was introduced at the KubeCon & CloudNativeCon 2020 virtual North America. In memory of the inventor of the landscape Dan Kohn it was presented as a map of all the different CNCF members, contributors, open source projects, GitHub stars … ( 


VanillaStack is a complete open source cloud stack which is using Kubernetes as its operational layer. It runs on every Linux based environment and includes several open source projects like OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, the ELK stack and many more. It was invented by Cloudical. Find out more at or 



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