“Our ecosystem is wonderfully diverse”

We of the cloud report share this statement because we love the diversity of the open source communities and don’t understand any kind of discrimination, hate or xenophobia:

Statement from CNCF General Manager Priyanka Sharma on the unacceptable attacks against AAPI and Asian communities: Posted on March 18, 2021 By Priyanka Sharma:

(picture: Matheus Viana)

CNCF stands in solidarity with our AAPI and Asian colleagues in the face of rising racism and attacks on the global Asian communities. Discrimination, hate, and xenophobia have no place in our, or any, community, and we all need to work together to ensure every single individual feels safe and welcome.

Our ecosystem is wonderfully diverse – made up of individuals from different backgrounds from all over the globe. The Asian community has made countless contributions to our ecosystem. Now it is our turn to come together and stand up for any marginalized, repressed, or underrepresented group or member.

I firmly believe in diversity-powered resilience, which means that the more diverse our community is, the more resilient it will be. Together we are stronger, faster, better, and more innovative than alone and apart, and more resilient to weather any challenge.

No matter how saddened or angry these attacks make us, they only serve to make CNCF even more determined to uphold our firm commitment to inclusive values and stamping out all forms of racism and xenophobia.

We encourage all of #teamcloudnative to remain vocal and watchful advocates and allies to our colleagues in the face of hate and racism. Remember that words have consequences, and as an inclusive and diverse community, it is our job to use ours to welcome everyone and speak out against injustices.

Source: https://www.cncf.io/blog/2021/03/18/statement-from-cncf-general-manager-priyanka-sharma-on-the-unacceptable-attacks-against-aapi-and-asian-communities/

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