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VanillaStack – A complete cloud stack based on Kubernetes is being rolled out with these integrated vanilla open source projects 

The Berlin-based company Cloudical today launched VanillaStackVanillaStack is a complete open source software stack based on Kubernetes and allows the easy integration of many open source projects like Harbor, OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, Prometheus, Grafana, EFK, Rook or Ceph using a web-based installer. The installer itself is also open source, as are all scripts used to introduce additional projects and features.  

VanillaStack can be used to install a complete cloud stack in a few simple steps. Since this stack insists exclusively on open source projects, it offers all advantages of open source: Openness, transparency, security and no vendor lock-in! 

Roll out and start up productive environments in minutes! 

With VanillaStack, the rollout of a professional and productively usable Kubernetes cluster including integrated storage is realized, because Rook is always rolled out as storage backend and optionally also further preconfigured logging and monitoring tools. Thus VanillaStack ensures a productively usable environment right from the start. As one of the largest contributors to the CNCF project Rook, which enables object storage on Kubernetes platforms, Cloudical has unique expertise that has been incorporated into VanillaStack. 

By simply rolling out VanillaStack using the installer, the environment is always ready for production, the included open source projects are integrated with each other and can be rolled out without much effort. Thus, a complete production platform consisting of Kubernetes, OpenStack, Prometheus, Grafana, Elasticsearch, Fluentd, Kibana, Harbor, Helm and various other projects can be rolled out and put into operation in a few minutes – on bare metal, VM, private cloud, public cloud or hyperscaler environments such as AWS, Azure or Google Cloud. 

“With VanillaStack, our customers can take the implementation of their cloud strategy into their own hands, because VanillaStack is easy to roll out, open, transparent, vendor-agnostic and runs everywhere. Security, trustworthiness and ease of deployment are at the heart of VanillaStack. And that is just the beginning,” says Karsten Samaschke, CEO of Cloudical. 

Constantly developed and improved! 

VanillaStack receives at least one new major release every year. In addition, there will be monthly releases of new projects starting in October. Via the VanillaStack update servers new security updates can be obtained regularly and promptly.  

As in all open source projects, community participation is desired. Contributions from the community are published and integrated in the course of the release cycles. VanillaStack sees itself as a project that grows with and for an open source community. 


But not only communities can get involved. Around VanillaStack, a partner ecosystem is being built, in which foundations and companies work together for the continuous expansion of VanillaStack. Interested partners can now register on the VanillaStack website. 


VanillaStack is provided as a free download. Customers can choose between different support models. With community support via the VanillaStack support forum, the platform can be used commercially without restrictions and free of charge. 

For commercial support, Cloudical offers a simple, transparent and innovative pricing model:   

  • Flat rate: Commercial Support for all products included in VanillaStack and later in the AppStore at a fixed price. 
  • Build-Your-Own-Support: Support is booked and deselected on a monthly basis, depending on your needs and for exactly the levels of the product. 
  • Expert Call: Support is booked purely on demand, no monthly or annual commitment.

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