New Impulses for Cloud Computing from Europe

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This week seven start-ups from Germany are introduced which are working innovatively in cloud computing. During the crisis of this year the cloud market has grown and cloud computing increased in an unexpected way. At the same time the European Union cut the privacy shield, so global cloud usage at the big global cloud provider is not an opportunity for European companies anymore. Another solution is needed.

The seven start-ups provide secure, European cloud technique for several usecases.

  • Luckycloud provides secure data and document workstation and exchange:
  • The German Egde Cloud offers cloud computing in their customers own data centers with complete data sovereignty:
  • Kubermatic provides multi cluster and multi cloud orchestration with Kubernetes with one monitoring tool:
  • The Meshcloud platform bundles the administrative processes for the public and private cloud infrastructures. This includes identity management, project management, billing and more:
  • Kinvolk is focused on setting up Kubernet clusters in the enterprise environment and optimising operations. Two own 100% open source products are used for this purpose:
  • Cloud&Heat is using server heat and sells it: For example for heating office buildings. Specific server cabinets have been designed for this purpose, with thin water channels running through them, which are responsible for transporting heat (and cooling the servers):
  • Finally, Cloudical is offering a complete open source based cloud stack the VanillaStack with all business required layers and components which can run on every cloud environment and data center. It can be used in smaller companies, in production and enterprise environments:


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