Kubernetes – Enabling and establishing DevOpsSec

A Rook Maintainer and a Chief Cyber Security Officer are talking about Kubernetes

This new webinar series from Cloudical takes Kubernetes as its theme with all related topics like container management, Kubernetes architecture, Kubernetes security and many more.

“Less than five years old, Kubernetes has already become the de facto container management system worldwide”, said Thomas Di Giacomo, CTO of SUSE. “It also automates the deployment and scaling of containerized applications. Not quite a true platform in itself, Kubernetes can be combined with additional elements to provide the ease of use of Platform-as-a-Service for developers, with the adaptability of Infrastructure-as-a-Service to make it easier to move workloads across infrastructure providers.” (https://the-report.cloud/kubernetes).

Kubernetes seems to be the bag of wonders in the cloud world. And can be combined within every cloud provision. Nearly everything is possible for developer, operations, devops. But how you can use Kubernetes? What is really possible? In which cases Kubernetes helps your environment? How you can ensure security within your cluster? And how you can narrow the access? These questions will be answered in this webinar series.

The first webinar is about the understanding on Kubernetes and the speaker will be Alexander Trost, DevOps engineer and Rook.io maintainer, and Jurlind Budurushi, Chief Cyber Security Officer, from Cloudical.

The webinar starts on April 7th at 4:30 pm (CEST), 3:30 pm (PST), 8 pm (IST), 10:30 am (EDT)

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Presenters will be:

Alexander Trost: He works as a DevOps Engineer at Cloudical Deutschland GmbH and is a Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA). He is one of four maintainers of the Rook.io project and is engaged in several more open source projects, for example a Prometheus exporter for Dell Hardware (Dell OMSA Metrics), k8s-vagrant-multi-node an easy local multi node Kubernetes environment, and others. Besides Containers and Kubernetes he is expert on Software Defined Storage, Golang and Continuous Integration (with GitLab CI). He passionately enjoys working on open source projects, such as Rook, Ancientt and other projects.

Jurlind Budurushi: He is Head of Security at Cloudical Deutschland GmbH. He is currently working on security challenges in the Cloud Native approach, focusing on Kubernetes. He is a passionate engineer and trainer, and aims to enable and establish an holistic security mindset. In addition, he is a lecturer on Cyber Security, currently at Duale-Hochschule-Badenwürttemberg where he lectures IT-Security. In his career, he has had different roles, and has been working with international teams on various, interdisciplinary security projects. He, also holds a PhD from the Technische Universität Darmstadt on Usable Security.

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