Introducing Stratos in the VanillaStack Ecosystem

Vanilla Manager available by integrating Stratos into VanillaStack to manage not only various Kubernetes Clusters but also a bundle of integrated open source tools to complete the cloud stack.

Production ready VanillaStack with Vanilla Installer and Vanilla Manager

Cloudical, a Berlin based cloud-native software and consulting company, announced release 1.8 of VanillaStack.

The VanillaStack is a vivid open source and certified Kubernetes project and therefore evolving and changing. With this release the Vanilla Manager was introduced. The Manager is based on Vanilla Installer, where Kubernetes can be rolled out easily with a bundle of various open source tools to get production ready clusters. With Vanilla Manager a management platform for Kubernetes and all integrated tools is available. Therefor the Cloud Foundry project Stratos is used, that allows in the VanillaStack environment to manage multi-cluster Kubernetes up to all single nodes and pods. But not only the rolled-out tools can be managed, also offered workloads can be run like Nextcloud. It is even possible to implement own workloads on the platform.

„VanillaManager, which is based on the awesome Stratos Project, allows to easily maintain and manage all workloads on multiple Kubernetes clusters, be it VanillaStack, K3S, or even EKS, AKS, and GCE. We see VanillaManager as the ultimate management tool to roll out and manage the lifecycle of HELM-based workloads, and to have one command center for all things in the Kubernetes lifecycle,“ said Karsten Samaschke, CEO of Cloudical and VanillaStack maintainer.

“We chose Stratos, because it is already a running and proven concept within Cloud Foundry and can be seen as a great standard for visualizing management steps and workloads on your clusters. In the purest sense of open source, we are taking a tool, that already fits very well and are giving it our own flavor within our own project,“ added Christopher Branston, community manager of the VanillaStack project.

For now, OpenStack is unfortunately not available within the VanillaStack, the community is working on solving this issue, for now it is no longer possible to roll out OpenStack on top of Kubernetes. If you want to join and help the VanillaStack community – you are very welcome! Reach out:


About VanillaStack:

VanillaStack is an open source project and Certified Kubernetes Installer. It is based on Kubernetes and allows the easy integration of many open source projects like Harbor, Cloud Foundry, Prometheus, Grafana, EFK, Rook or Ceph using a web-based installer. The complete cloud stack is to be managed via Stratos in the Vanilla Manager. /


About Stratos:

Stratos is a modern, web-based management application for Cloud Foundry aimed at fulfilling the needs of both developers and administrators. It provides a visual user interface to complement the CLI, allowing end users to perform many of their day-to-day tasks straight from their web browser.


About Cloudical:

Cloudical is a company headquartered in Germany that specializes in the “cloud” sector. The company’s largest product, and in this form unique in the world, is the VanillaStack – a pure open-source cloud-native stack based on Kubernetes, now additionally available with VanillaCloud. Cloudical also offers managed services and cloud consulting (consulting, coaching, training). Cloudical works independently of manufacturers and platforms, enabling the company to provide its customers with solutions tailored to their needs. Founded in 2017, Cloudical currently employs 30 experts in Germany and Poland.



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