Introducing .NET on Google Cloud Functions

GoogleCloud just introduced .NET Core 3.1, a free, cross-platform and open-source platform for Windows, Mac and Linux, to Cloud Functions. With this integration you can write cloud functions using your favorite .NET Core 3.1 runtime with our Functions Framework for .NET, for an idiomatic developer experience!

With Cloud Functions for .NET, now in Preview, you can use .NET Core 3.1 to build business-critical applications and integration layers, and deploy the function in a fully managed environment, complete with access to resources in a private VPC network. .NET functions scale automatically based on your load. You can write HTTP functions to respond to HTTP events, and CloudEvent functions to process events sourced from various cloud and Google Cloud services including Pub/Sub, Cloud Storage and Firestore.

You can develop functions using the Functions Framework for .NET, an open source functions-as-a-service framework for writing portable .NET functions. With Functions Framework you develop and run your functions locally, then deploy them to Cloud Functions, or to another .NET environment.

The Functions Framework for .NET supports HTTP functions and CloudEvent functions. A HTTP cloud function is very easy to write. Below, you’ll find a simple HTTP function for Webhook/HTTP use cases.



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