Helm 3.0.0 has been released!

Helm 3 is the latest major release of the CLI tool. Helm 3 builds upon the success of Helm 2, continuing to meet the needs of the evolving ecosystem.

The internal implementation of Helm 3 has changed considerably from Helm 2. The most apparent change is the removal of Tiller, but it’s worth checking out the other changes by diving into the new release. A rich set of new features have been added as a result of the community’s input and requirements. Some features have been deprecated or refactored in ways that make them incompatible with Helm 2. Some new experimental features have also been introduced, including OCI support.

Additionally, the Helm Go SDK has been refactored for general use. The goal is to share and re-use code we’ve open sourced with the broader Go community. We are actively looking for feedback from other engineers integrating Helm in their own projects, and would love to hear from you in the #helm-dev Kubernetes Slack channel.

Here are some Helm 3 resources:

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