HashiCorp delivers Terraform 1.0 Milestone Release for Multi-Cloud Provisioning


HashiCorp®, a leader in multi-cloud infrastructure automation software, yesterday at HashiConf Europe announced the general availability of HashiCorp Terraform® 1.0. Terraform is the standard for multi-cloud provisioning and automation. This announcement also includes enhancements to HashiCorp Terraform Cloud, which offers provisioning automation as a service.

Terraform is downloaded tens of millions of times each year, has been downloaded more than 100 million times since its inception, and is supported by a growing ecosystem of 100 technology partners, and more than 1,000 providers and 5,000 modules in the Terraform Registry that are designed to more easily manage diverse pieces of cloud and on-premises infrastructure.


With this release, Terraform provides its infrastructure as code approach with new guarantees for scalability, ecosystem interoperability, and stability. In addition, Terraform Cloud adds enhancements to its workflow, including the ability to publish curated modules to a private registry, enhancements to workspace management, and a preview of the ability to check with third-party tools related to a Terraform run.

The announcement includes major milestones and enhancements for Terraform focused on three core pillars: automation, workflow, and ecosystem.

Terraform 1.0 — Since its initial release in 2014, there have been 15 major Terraform releases, which have included more than 1,500 contributors. Terraform 1.0 meets the high expectations that come with HashiCorp 1.0 releases: community confidence to build upon a stable API, ease of upgrades, and interoperability for all future 1.x releases. This release is now generally available.

Public Registry to Private Registry Publisher Workflow Terraform Cloud and Enterprise offer capabilities to compose, collaborate, and reuse infrastructure as code using modules and the public and private registry options. The public registry has more than 5,000 community modules, and Terraform Cloud now offers a native workflow to publish modules from the public registry directly into an organization’s private registry. This capability is now generally available.

Workspace Management, Overview, and Insights — Standardization and inspection is a primary goal for IT operations teams as they oversee a self-service provisioning model in their organizations. With Terraform Cloud, users can more easily visualize workspaces, resources managed, outputs, and details of runs with the new Workspace Overview and enhanced run details. This capability is now generally available.

Terraform Run Checks for third-party Integrations — Terraform Cloud now has the ability for partners to integrate into the Terraform workflow during a run and provide additional context to check against the Terraform plan. Today, Terraform Cloud has executed 1.6 million Sentinel policy checks. This capability is designed to deliver many more policy options for organizations using Terraform Cloud to enforce security, compliance, and cost management best practices. This capability will be available in public beta during summer 2021.


About Terraform and Terraform Cloud

Terraform provides open source software for infrastructure automation using infrastructure as code for provisioning, compliance, and management of public cloud, private data centers, and services. Terraform helps practitioners, teams, and organizations with cloud adoption and digital transformation initiatives and business benefits that can include up to 75% reduction in provisioning time, provisioning standardizations to minimize risk to security, compliance, and cloud over-spending, and a 5X reduction in time to market.

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