Cloudical becomes Founding-Member of the Open Infrastructure Foundation

Berlin, 19.10.2020 – Cloudical, a Berlin-based cloud-native company and creator of VanillaStack, announced to join the today released Open Infrastructure Foundation as a founding silver member.

“Since Cloudical has many years of OpenStack experience, and since VanillaStack is the fastest and most easy way to roll out OpenStack on Kubernetes, the decision to join the new Open Infrastructure Foundation was inevitable and obvious to us”, explains Karsten Samaschke, CEO of Cloudical.
“As a cloud-native company, working with open source products for many years and being engaged in contributing to different open source projects, OpenStack is a big focus to us”, adds Kim-Norman Sahm, CTO of Cloudical. “We are convinced about the endless possibilities OpenStack is offering, and about the Open Infrastructure Foundation’s approaches and its future direction”, he points out.

For Cloudical, being rooted in open source cloud-native consultancy, joining the Open Infrastructure Foundation as a founding silver member is a logical step. Cloudical is proud to join a foundation where the focus lies on providing the best open source infrastructure for everybody with an internet access, supporting open minded and engaged engineers collaborating in boundless, open source projects.

“We strongly believe in the power of open source. We strongly believe in the power of communities like OpenStack. And we believe in diversity, full transparency and ensuring trustworthiness in everything we do. Open source is not just important, it is the center piece of all what Cloudical is doing, of VanillaStack. This is what the Open Infrastructure Foundation stands for”, states Karsten Samaschke.

„The launch of the Open Infrastructure Foundation shows that community-driven software development is the key to sustaining the open source revolution,” said Mark Collier, COO of the Open Infrastructure Foundation. “The participation and active engagement of members like Cloudical demonstrates that creating software with open design and open development creates the most value, and we’re looking forward to building the next decade of open infrastructure solutions with their participation.”

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