Cloudical announced the release of VanillaStack, an open-source software-stack and complete ecosystem for IaaS, CaaS and PaaS.


VanillaStack is the new open-source cloud-stack for IaaS, CaaS and PaaS! 

A complete open-source software-stack and -ecosystem running on every cloud, VM and bare-metal.  

As complete open-source software-stack and -ecosystem for IaaS, CaaS and PaaS, running on every cloud, VM and bare-metal, VanillaStack covers all aspects of modern cloud-environments. VanillaStack is based on Kubernetes and incorporates a multitude of open-source projects, such as OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, HELM, Harbor, etc. in one easy to set up, open, secure, trustworthy and expandible package.  

Berlin, 18/08/2020 – Today, Berlin-based Cloudical announced the release of VanillaStack, an open-source software-stack and complete ecosystem for IaaS, CaaS and PaaS 

VanillaStack is a complete open-source software-stack based on Kubernetes, allowing to integrate open-source-projects such as HELM, Harbor, OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, Prometheus, Grafana, Jenkins CI, GitLab, Kubevirt, Rook or Ceph with ease and by the help of a web-based installer. The installer is open-source, as well as all scripts used to roll out additional projects and functionality. 

The stack can run on top of every Linux-distribution supporting containers, regardless of the underlying environment – be it hyperscalers, such as AWS, Azure or Google cloud, public cloud offerings, VM-based environments or traditional data-centers. It was developed with openness, security and trustworthiness in mind, and acts as the foundation of a complete open-source ecosystem. 

A unique feature is the introduction of an open-source web-based AppStore to the environment, allowing to roll out a multitude of open-source- and commercial software-products with ease, taking away the complexities of installing and maintaining these products.  

Cloudical provides professional and enterprise-grade support to VanillaStack. Several additional offerings, such as Managed Services and Consultancy allow customers to rely on best-in-class support, benefit from a customizable solution, utilize simple and reliable operations and allow them to migrate with ease onto the new stack by the help of Cloudical´s engineers, architects and consultants. 

VanillaStack is the result of several years of day-by-day integration of open-source products by Cloudical experts in customer projects. “A lot of this work is to be repeated over and over again in different customer scenarios, and could have been circumvented, if the right platform existed”, explains Kim-Norman Sahm, Cloudical’s CTO. “We decided to understand Kubernetes as our operating system”, adds Karsten Samaschke, CEO of the company. “This allowed us to rethink the whole cloud stack, compared to traditional approaches. To us, the underlying platform is irrelevant, VanillaStack can run on literally any container-enabled platform”, he adds.  

“One of the most challenging tasks for operational teams is to set up and maintain complex open-source stacks – it all is there, but it needs to be integrated and configured properly”, Mr Sahm elaborates. “This is why we rethought the installation process of Kubernetes and all the other components and decided to write a web-based installer which encapsulates the complexity of native scripting, Ansible, KubeAdm and other installation tools. This is a game-changer for operation teams, as installation and basic set up of complex Kubernetes- and container-based infrastructures will now last hours, not days, weeks or even months – and can be executed everywhere”.  

“To us, a holistic view on a cloud-stack is very important”, states Mr Samaschke, “and that is why we wanted to build the stack based on vanilla community projects and add an AppStore to the platform, allowing simple and convenient installation and configuration of components. We want to avoid our customers to get locked into a vendor’s ecosystem, be it proprietary or based on open-source software. That is why we decided for the true community projects, why we offer professional support and services around them, and why we contribute back to the originating communities, in both technical and financial terms. VanillaStack will be released as open-source project”.  

VanillaStack will be available from September 15, 2020. Previews and demos are available from today, the project’s website is at The commercial distribution is available from Cloudical’s website at as well as the stack’s homepage at 


About Cloudical: 

Cloudical was established in 2017. We started as a cloud-native consultancy, always insisting on technical excellence and ongoing knowledge transfer. To us, cloud is not only about technology, but about a disruptive change of how businesses execute. We see cloud as strategy. Now, Cloudical is transforming into an open-source product company with VanillaStack at one of our most important offerings, with professional services, with vendor-independent all-inclusive managed services and vendor-independent consultancy. We can support all aspects of our customer’s journey into the cloud-world, from conceptualization over planning, realization to operations and development. 

Delivering CloudExcellence.  



Kim-Norman Sahm, CTO Cloudical 


Cloudical Press Team  

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