Test Results 3/2019

And the winners are …

As with every issue of this magazine, we also have our extensive tests in place. This time we changed some aspects, ensuring higher test quality and adding a new scoring scheme, developed by Michael Dombek, CTO of Cloudical.

Let’s first of all address, how we ensured a higher test quality: During the last months, we incorporated several changes into our testing process. We added new members to our testing team, maxing out on a number of seven Cloud Engineers and Architects being involved at the peak. We also added new questions and ensured the quality of answers by introducing an expert driven quality assurance process. Besides changing the way we execute when conducting the tests, we also asked one of the most in-depth experts to develop a new scoring scheme, allowing for better comparability of outcomes and for introducing different weights to different aspects of each cloud environment. This scoring scheme will also be set up as an application later this year, allowing you to decide, which aspects to emphasize upon and to create your very own scoring. So, stay tuned for this as well.

Winners in the categories

As always, our tests are broken down into categories. Each category has subcategories, that are weighted against each other. Here is the overview of each category’s winners, weightings and winners of the respective subcategories:


And the overall winner is…

Just by taking the count of the winning offerings, one might find an overall winner.

But this would perhaps not reflect reality, since not every aspect is emphasized equally to each other. Therefore, we weighted the categories against each other, added our internal scores for each category and ultimately found an overall winner. Here are the details (higher numbers imply better results):


Congratulations to the Google Cloud Team!

Overall, Google Cloud takes the crown this time with a slight advantage to Azure. But notice, how close the contenders end up to each other – there is obviously no such thing as a bad cloud offering, just different emphasizes on different aspects. So, it is still your job to find the right offering to your needs. And we’re happy to rightfully state this.


Test 3/2019:

Backup/Recory and Availability

PDF: Backup_Recovery and Availability


PDF: Compute


PDF: Container as a Service


PDF: IaaS_PaaS_ SaaS-Patch-Management

Image Service

PDF: Image Service


PDF: Monitoring


PDF: Security

Software as a Service Applications

PDF: Software as a Service _ Applikationen