The fifth Container Days in Hamburg!

The community is gathering the fifth time to talk and socialize about container and cloud technology at the highest level at the ContainerDays 2020, June 22 to 24 in Hamburg. And we, the cloud report, are happy to join as media partner again to participate in that great event.

And our readers get 20% discount on the tickets: #CDS20_Thanks@Cloudical

Our impression from last year are:


The real DevOps 


Community meets in Hamburg at the Container Days 

 The cloud computing community was invited to the Container Days in Hamburg for the fourth time from June 24 till 26. And over 1000 container experts followed the invitation to spend three days full of intensive cloud technology, even though in Hamburg were over 34°C / 93.2°F!  

The Attendees loved this conference, they loved the open minds, the deep technology, the high quality of talks. It did not depend on where anybody comes from, from which company or as a freelancer, the technology was in focus, solutions were discussed, new tools and great ideas sharedDevelopers and Ops guys were standing together discussing, talking and become real DevOps without any pressureThis is the very heart of the Container Days. 

Of course Kubernetes was the hottest topic and a lot talks were about new cool tricks to get the best for container orchestration: e.g. Craig McLuckie (VMware)Ellen Körbes (Garden), Tobias Schöne  (HanseMerkur)Rachit Arora (IBM), Maxime Lagresle (XING)Kasper Nissen (Lunar Way) and many more were talking about different approaches from and to Kubernetes. Kubernetes has had their 5th birthday this year and a lot has changed in this open source project, which is called the winner in the war for container orchestration dominance.1 Connected with Kubernetes k-native development was discussed in several talks, to be really cloud-native you need to develop cloud-native as well to use cloud properly in every consequence. And as usual at the Container Days the audience got deep insides in the technology e.g. from Roland Huß and Matthias Wessendorf (Red Hat)Bill Mulligan (Loodse), Mario-Leander Reimer (QAware), or David Gageot (Google) 

 Another important topic is and was security! How you get your cloud secure, to develop secure, get secure hardware and security in operating the cloud, talks were held e.g. from Zach Arnold (Ygrene Energy Fund)Markus Schoenberger and Kay Bandemer (Trend Micro) and even the panel discussion circled around security: Public Cloud vs. On Premise: Is Data Sovereignty Really Security? 

But the important part of the Container Days was the community! 

 Statements about the Container Days 2019 from Cloudical: 

I left the conference being extremely excited. I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, this felled special to me. First, the venue is a very special one, the attendees were as relaxed as the atmosphere of the event. The speakers were well chosen. The organization of the event was brilliant, with nothing to criticize about it, except the audio quality in the ship and for the main stage, but that’s the only, little minus. Stefan Klose – Social Media Manager by Cloudical Deutschland GmbH 

This year was my first participation at the Containers Days. The first thing that intrigued me was the place where the event took place. Apart from the fact that the topics of the presentations were related to containers, they were held among real containers.  The theme of the presentations was adapted for people with different levels of knowledge, from beginner to advanced, which meant that everyone could find something for themselves and learn new things. Networking and casual conversations during breaks allowed to meet new people and exchange knowledge, which brought further benefits from participation in ContainersDays. It was a pleasant and valuable time among the best specialists. Miroslaw Choma – Managing Director of Cloudical Polska Sp. z o.o. 


Organizer of the Container Days are Loodse from Hamburg. At the end of the vivid conference I asked Julian Hansert, CEO and Co-Founder of Loodse, about this year Container Days: 

 The Cloud Report: How were the Container Days for you this year? What is your conclusion? 

Julian: This year we have the fourth edition of the Container Days. Three years ago we were not even sure that we would survive the first event, there were only 200 participants. This time we had over 1000! We think that’s exceptional. Overall, we also got a great feedback. Container technology has come across. Finally, I am no longer the prophet in one’s own country: the problems that we prophesied three years ago are now to be solved. 

The customers come to us, their technology partner, and say: exactly those topics that you pointed out, we now have to solve together. More and more we go out with the test version into production. Kubernetes has become the de facto standard in the industry and cloud-native will certainly continue to prevail, not only as a technology, but also as a new way of thinking.  

These are the topics that will be pushed forward in the next few years: From “I let myself be inspired” to “We must act“. To implement Change management in my company and also to upgrade the next innovation. And this as a continuous process, which we at Loodse accompany not only technically, but also on the event side with the Container Days and our Kubernetes-Meetups across Europe. 



Friederike Zelke