Cloud Provider Tests

We are testing clouds

Cloud computing offerings are changing rapidly. Even the offerings of the individual providers are regularly being further developed. This makes it almost impossible to keep track of things. We, the Cloudical Deutschland GmbH , would like to remedy this situation and gradually examine the offers and evaluate them from an objective point of view. Our technicians have developed tests for this purpose. We test general information like onboarding, availability, SLAs, data centers, compute, storage, network, limitations, scaling, technologies, but also more internal information such as backup, security, image service, patch management, monitoring, CI/CD, as a Service offerings and, of course, the cost factor.

This results in rankings and tables help customers to inform themselves independently and to find the right provider for their needs. But not only readers of the Report receive comprehensive, independent data, providers can also find out about their market, see where they stand and where their strengths lie in comparison. They can also identify their possible weaknesses and potentials, see feasible pent-up demand or discover approaches for further specialization and improvement. And of course, they present themselves to interested readers and potential customers.

Currently we have tested the providers AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IMB Cloud and the Open Telekom Cloud. You will find the evaluations sorted by individual topics. You will also find older tests results. We revise our testings continuously and will complete them till the next issue of The Cloud Report. We will gradually add more clouds, so that in the next issues only exemplary test evaluations will be shown.