Test Results 2/2020

And the winners are …

As with every edition, we are testing several cloud vendors and look into many different aspects of their offerings. We analyze their pros and cons, discuss our experiences, and decide for the winner in all categories.

The pattern we’ve already seen several times, continues this time as well: You should choose your own favourite based on your preferences, since all the tested cloud providers have their specific strengths. There is of course an overall winner, but this might look completely different to you considering your very own priorities, since each one has specific strengths and room for improvements.

We are especially impressed by the performance of smaller and / or not so­well­known cloud vendors, such as Open Telekom Cloud: Often they offer comparable performance and sometimes even more options than their bigger competitors, combined with more personal support and very reasonable pricing. That being said, let’s look into the winners. And don’t forget to check out our detailed comparison tables on the next pages for more details!


Test 2/2020:


Backup/Recory and Availability

PDF: Backup, Recovery and Availability


PDF: Compute


PDF: IaaS PaaS SaaS Patch Management

Image Service

PDF: Image Service


PDF: Monitoring


PDF: Security

Software as a Service Applications

PDF: Software as a Service


PDF: Databases (DBaaS)

Logging as a Service

PDF: Logging as a Service


PDF: Network


PDF: Storage

Software as a Service

PDF: Container as a Service