SUSE DevZone Talk, Episode 1


SUSE Cloud Application Platform Developer Sandbox

The SUSE Developer Program is an open and welcoming community for developers who want to leverage the power of open source to change the world! Connected, we are stronger. And stronger, we can meet any challenge.

About this webinar:

In the first episode of our new “SUSE DevZone Talk” webinar series, Developer Evangelist Chris Branston sits down with Andrew Gracey and Tim Irnich from the SUSE Developer Community to discuss the newly available SUSE Cloud Application Platform Developer Sandbox.

They will cover how to sign up for the Developer Sandbox, demonstrate some key Getting Started assets, and walk through a few examples to get you up and coding in no time.

Live onlineApr 28 5:00 pm Germany – Berlin
or after on demand60 mins
Presented by
Chris Branston, Developer Evangelist; Andrew Gracey, Developer Evangelist; Tim Irnich, Program Manager

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