Power of Many – SUSECONdigital 2020

At the 20th of May the postponed SUSECON 2020 started as a digital event and will continue till the 10th of June. During these days the attendees has access to over 160 sessions, lectures, hands-on, interviews about all SUSE related topics: of course, Linux, SES, enterprise solutions, cooperations like SUSE and SAP, but also the cloud technology based on containers, Kubernetes, CaaS platform, Cloud Foundry and the Cloud Application Platform, security and edge computing will also be discussed. Later all session will be available on demand!

The first day started with great, emotional and technical keynotes where the strategy of SUSE was introduced: Simplify – Modernize – Accelerate. The different keynotes explored what this means for SUSE, for technicians, for partners and customers.

Melissa di Donato explained in her keynote: It starts with simplifying processes and applications within the infrastructure of the business. The most IT infrastructures are very complex and grown over years. SUSE helps to simplify the IT stack with open source components like Linux and Kubernetes for better management, higher security, increased availability, reliability with lower costs. Therefor the applications need to be modernized or replaced by modern apps to transfer them into a modern cloud environment. They need to work with microservices to get flexibility and containerization and help to manage the amount of data within the new environment to make data-based decisions. After simplifying and modernize IT infrastructures the next step is to offer products and services to customers faster with a stack of cloud technology. This guarantees scalability, availability and speed.

“SUSE is deeply committed to provide our engineering and innovation outcomes to our customers and support their ultimate business goals. We help them simplify, modernize and accelerate their business with bringing the best of open source and contribute it to the customers for having the biggest value”, said Thomas Di Giacomo, President of Engineering and Innovation, in his keynote.

If you want to explore more about the strategy and products of SUSE, join https://www.susecon.com/