New Online Editor for the Cloud Report!

To fill the job as a new editor I gave myself the first task to interview our Editor in Chief, Friederike Zelke, about the new position.

How come the Cloud Report needs additional staff?

The Cloud Report is a hybrid journal, so, the website ( is an important part of the journal. And to bring more genuine content, more interviews, more relevant news, more technique and more coverage in general into higher expansion we decided to hire an online editor.


What kind of adventures can we expect?

There are so many conferences, events, cool new companies and inventive old companies which go new ways! And we want to cover the whole “cloud” world with the different, vivid communities and the whole technique approach. This is what we expect, and you could expect the same.


What makes the new online editor suitable for this job?

She already worked for Cloudical, the publisher of The Cloud Report, so she knows about “cloud”, mindsets, processes, … and has experiences from international publishing houses. She brings in her contacts, communication skills, and writing experiences. So, I´m happy to have Emelie on board in our publishing department!


If I would like to publish something for the Cloud Report without being a part of the editorial staff, how do I proceed?

Just get in touch with us! Via phone or email, we are more than happy to connect with you! (