Last DevOpsCon 2019!

Between the 2nd and 5th of December over 700 enthusiastic participants gathered for Workshops, Sessions and Networking at Hotel Hilton in Munich during the last DevOpsCon for the year. The DevOps Conference is a conference for Continuous Delivery, Microservices, Cloud and Lean Business organized by the Software and Support Media Group. It was a very Christmassy and welcoming atmosphere with decoration and sweets for all the guests

With the 10 years anniversary of the conference, the interest in DevOps keeps on growing and evolve and to getting broader and more complex for every year. Agility and working together, so much more than approaching scrum and teams. Even though these are good starting points they do not alone guarantee that the DevOps idea have been successfully implemented. DevOps consists of values that needs to be shared and firmly anchored in the company or at least in the team. Another ingredient is methods based on their foundations and, of course, practices used to do the job. This requires a good deal of transparency, because without it, DevOps simply does not work. Transparency, however, requires trust.
During 2019 trust and security has been a big topic in the digital world. Reports on data leakages, security breaches and fake news have not made us less suspicious. We now see reflections in how we interact between as well as inside different teams and communities.

“Don’t show your data to the management.” was the tip from one of the visitors. “They will not understand it and therefor misinterpret and misuse” This matter-of-factly statement caused some giggles and several nods of recognition. But what it also shows is how valuable the context is for the data and how in order to get the most there is a need to know what is behind the data and not only the technology and infrastructure.

So we want control, we want security. But how much of it can we actually expect? During his session; “Strategy or Suicide – Migration of a Big Data Architecture to Public Cloud” Bernd Rednerlechner points out that; In a public cloud you will have to take the same actions as before regarding your data protection. Same attention to passwords and encryption. The difference now is that someone else is sharing your infrastructure.
And don’t worry about the title; he also ensured us that no one committed suicide.

Just as important as transparency, trust, security and control is balance
Julia Wester from 55 Degrees AB, talks to us about autonomy vs cohesion and how we need both in the right amount. This does of course sound self-evident but can be very hard to poise in smaller and bigger companies and communities alike.


The topic of DevOps has now grown to cover a lot in a short amount of time.
Bob Quillin therefor gives us a guided path from containers to pipelines to service meshes with his season’s themed Keynote “The Twelve Days of DevOps” where he foreshadows that the gifts will not stop coming.



With several sessions going simultaneously, it is of course tricky to choose, and I ended up with the printed program in one hand and my phone with the app in the other. For the last day of the events it was all day workshops. Better choose wisely! I decided to check out how to improve your results by (correctly) integrating UX with Debbie Levitt from Delta CX and was not disappointed. With real life examples, exercises she shows us how great UX improves engineering’s efficiency and sanity.


What’s next?

The conversation is far from over. We already have the following dates to look forward to the for upcoming DevOps Conferences;

  • Singapore March 23 – 26, 2020
  • London April 21 – 24, 2020
  • Berlin June 8 – 11, 2020
  • New York Sept 28 – Oct 1, 2020

Looking forward to seeing you there!