HashiCorp Releases Identity-based Security as a Service on the HashiCorp Cloud Platform

HCP Vault is Now Generally Available for Secrets Management

HashiCorp®, the leader in multi-cloud infrastructure automation software, today announced HashiCorp Vault™ is now generally available on the HashiCorp Cloud Platform (HCP). Designed to remove complexity and help reduce operational burden and overhead, HashiCorp Vault’s identity-based security platform is now available as a fully managed service operated and supported by HashiCorp experts.

HCP Vault enables organizations to get up and running quickly, providing immediate access to Vault’s best-in-class secrets management and data protection capabilities. With HCP providing the resilience and operational excellence needed, organizations no longer have the burden of managing Vault themselves. Individuals and organizations benefit from day zero readiness with a modern cloud security solution that offers the ability to quickly and easily secure applications, access, and data.

“The largest, most secure organizations in the world rely on the expertise of HashiCorp,” said Armon Dadgar, co-founder and chief technology officer, HashiCorp. “We know that cloud security is critical, but we also understand companies struggle to onboard and implement security solutions quickly, which is why we introduced HCP Vault, to make that journey easier and faster for individuals and organizations. We’ve supported thousands of commercial Vault clusters, and HCP Vault brings that expertise directly to users.”


HCP Vault — Customer Adoption

Vault Enterprise is widely adopted by the largest companies in the world. Nearly 25% of the Fortune 500 and 70% of the 20 largest U.S. banks rely on Vault to secure their most sensitive data. During the HCP Vault beta, more than 1,300 organizations participated, underscoring the interest in a managed service offering for secrets management and encryption. Lufthansa Systems and paradime.io were two of the participants in HCP Vault beta program.

Lufthansa Systems is a leading airline IT provider. Based on long-term project experience, a deep understanding of complex business processes, and strong technological know-how, the company provides consulting and IT services for the global aviation industry.

“More than 350 customers worldwide rely on the know-how of our IT specialists. Accordingly, Lufthansa Systems’ cloud strategy is based on reliability, service, and ease of use. HCP Vault offers simplicity at the touch of a button,” said Steffen Wagner, senior enterprise architect, Lufthansa Systems. “Its proven and reliable service offers hosting options for EU-based companies and relieves clients of the hassle of building their cloud infrastructure. We rely on HCP Vault and Terraform Cloud for Business and look forward to scaling up with them.”

paradime.io is a SaaS platform that delivers collaborative DataOps for its customers who trust paradime.io to securely store credentials for their data development environments. paradime.io uses HashiCorp Vault to securely store and safeguard access to secrets, and became interested in HCP Vault to change how they automated secrets management.

“With HashiCorp Vault we are able to safely store our customers’ credentials. Our team was interested in HCP Vault for the added benefits — it reduces the operational burden on our team, so we can focus on our platform and not running security infrastructure,” said Yasin Zaehinger, founding backend engineer, paradime.io. “Integrating with HCP Vault is simple and straightforward. Robust authentication and secret injection with Kubernetes pods, detailed audit logs on usage patterns, along with managed clusters give us an enterprise-ready solution, without having to maintain clusters, manage upgrades, or worry about downtime. The power and flexibility of Vault, along with the strength of the brand and community awareness, allows us to integrate Vault as a trusted component of our platform and partner with HashiCorp and their in-house knowledge and expertise, without needing to manage everything ourselves.”


HCP Vault — Partner Ecosystem

Snowflake, MongoDB, Refactr, and Appagaeis are each HCP Vault launch day partners, with integrations available today. Each solution was verified and approved by HashiCorp.

  • The Snowflake Secrets Engines is an official plugin that lets organizations manage and control access for Snowflake database users programmatically in Vault.
  • The MongoDB Atlas Secrets Engine is an official plugin, which enables organizations to manage and control access for MongoDB Atlas database users programmatically in HCP Vault.
  • Refactr’s DevSecOps platform has been integrated with HCP Vault, so that its secure automation pipelines can retrieve secrets at run time.
  • Appaegis provides a SaaS service to allow agentless access to SSH servers. Its integration uses the SSH secrets engine located in a customer’s HCP Vault instance for dynamic provisioning in their service.


“We are delighted to partner with HashiCorp as they announce the general availability of HCP Vault. MongoDB Atlas integrates with HCP Vault to provide a seamless cloud experience for deploying secure applications,” said Andrew Davison, VP cloud products, MongoDB. “The largest, most security-conscious organizations in the world rely on the expertise of HashiCorp and MongoDB to uphold data privacy.”

“HCP Vault helps to remove the barrier to entry, allowing individuals and teams to get up and running quickly, for organizations large and small and across every vertical,” said Michael Fraser, co-founder and CEO, Refactr. “Refactr’s DevSecOps Solution Delivery Automation Platform supporting HCP Vault marks a new milestone in the Refactr-HashiCorp partnership and we look forward to continuing to enhance our joint offerings to deliver solutions that solve problems for our mutual customers.”

“Customers are demanding that cloud security is set on day zero,” says Yonghui Cheng, co-founder and CTO, Appaegis, “With HCP Vault, Cloud Architects and Cloud Developers benefit from day zero readiness, offering modern cloud security to quickly secure applications, access, and data from the first moment. Appaegis Zero-Trust Isolation Access Cloud has been validated with HCP Vault to consolidate identity, access and credential management thus allowing customers to gain visibility, control and ease of management and delivering zero-day protection using zero trust on day zero.”


About HCP Vault

HCP Vault is a HashiCorp-managed service for secrets management and data encryption. HCP Vault includes both the open source and enterprise versions of Vault, the best-in-class security automation platform. HCP Vault secures, stores, and tightly controls access to tokens, passwords, certificates, and encryption keys for protecting secrets and other sensitive data.

HCP Vault enables organizations to leverage all of the security and power of Vault without the overhead, complexity, and maintenance of managing it themselves. HCP Vault clusters fit into any workload and scale with adoption and offer flexible packaging to fit developers, teams, and organizations of different sizes, while also providing push-button deployment, fully managed upgrades, backups, and monitoring, so organizations and developers can focus on adoption and integration.

The HashiCorp Cloud Platform is available with initial support on Amazon Web Services (AWS).


HCP Vault Availability

HCP Vault is now generally available with hourly and annual pricing. To get started with HCP Vault visit www.hashicorp.com/cloud-platform.


Supporting Materials and Getting Started

To learn more about HCP Vault, join us on Wednesday, April 7 at 9 a.m. PDT for the HashiCorp Cloud Platform Vault product announcement live stream with Armon Dadgar. Register here: https://hashi.co/2O67xAo.


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About HashiCorp

HashiCorp is the leader in multi-cloud infrastructure automation software. The HashiCorp software suite enables organizations to adopt consistent workflows to provision, secure, connect, and run any infrastructure for any application. HashiCorp’s open source tools Vagrant™, Packer™, Terraform®, Vault, Consul®, Nomad™, Boundary, and Waypoint™ are downloaded tens of millions of times each year and are broadly adopted by the Global 2000. Enterprise and managed service versions of these products enhance the open source tools with features that promote collaboration, operations, governance, and multi-datacenter functionality. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, though 85 percent of HashiCorp employees work remotely, strategically distributed around the globe. HashiCorp is backed by Bessemer Venture Partners, Franklin Templeton, Geodesic Capital, GGV Capital, IVP, Mayfield, Redpoint Ventures, T. Rowe Price funds and accounts, and True Ventures.


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