Equality? For sure!

In my last comment I explained why diversity is important and a true value and strength for all communities, but also for society. And now I´m talking about equality? Equality in spite of diversity? Of course!

We only gain the full power of diversity if we consider our equality. Our equality as human beings. We are all different in our personality, outward appearance, faith, talent, sex, but we are all equal in our value!

As the United States Declaration of Independence states:  We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed with certain unalienable rights. And also, the German Grundrecht (Fundamental Right) starts with: The dignity of man is inviolable. All human beings have inviolable and inalienable human rights.[1]

This is the base of our mindset, behavior and collaboration. And this equality is also basic to my love of diversity. Human beings can´t live alone, we are community people. And we all can only grow inside and get better people, if we learn, from our experiences, from and with others. We can achieve nearly everything if we take advantage of our diversity, stay open minded and really collaborate, use the different knowledge, the different experiences, the different cultural backgrounds and create new, sustainable, meaningful things. Of course, open source.

How successful open minded community can be is impressively shown by the CNCF. This foundation is home for more than 100 certified projects like Kubernetes and so many people, ideas, creativity … (fig. 1). And this foundation is only able to be successful because of its great and wonderful and diverse members and contributors who work equally together. To understand the community and the deep professional IT join with us the KubeCon & CloudNativeCon virtual this year. Be an equal part in this diverse ecosystem.

Becoming more and more digital is getting more and more things to learn, to discover and to create. From other equal value, but so lovely diverse people!

[1] To understand this correctly: men/man means all human beings! Not only the male ones.



Friederike Zelke

Editor in chief / The Cloud Report