Container Technology – Interview with Julian Hansert

The cloud report conducted five short interviews with five people from the cloud and container technology environment and asked five questions. The first interview was with Julian Hansert, COO at Kubermatic. 

Why use container technology? 

Container technology is to IT like the steam engine to the industrial revolution. Hidden in the background but enabling a lot of powerful developments: from CI/CD, DevOps and accelerated release cycles to automated operations and hybrid and multi cloud computing. In short: container technology brings about the future of IT.  

What is the best invention of the last 12 month? 

It’s not exactly an invention of the last 12 months but definitely one of the hottest topics in the cloud native ecosystem this year: Kubernetes Operators. Kubernetes Operators extend the operational automation to legacy software, allowing you to manage applications just like a managed cloud service. I am pretty sure that Operators will push enterprise cloud native adoption a big step forward.  

What is your security approach? 

We do have some big enterprises in our customer base. For them it is essential to have governance, security and control in one central place. Without a centralized approach things have the tendency to grow wild and create loopholes that put security at risk.  

What is your favorite product in regard to container technology? 

This might be a boring answer but my favorite product is Kubernetes. Without Kubernetes, the cloud native ecosystem would not be where it is today but lagging at least three years behind. Kubernetes has helped container technologies break through and really pushed cloud native adoption. Not surprising  that half of our team loves their Kubernetes socks and shirts;)  

CaaS vs Paas: which solution are you using/providing and why? 

With Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform we provide an infrastructure-agnostic PaaS solution. IT teams need one central self-service platform across different clouds and regions to really benefit from the promises that Kubernetes and cloud native technologies hold.  


About Julian Hansert 

Julian Hansert is a co-founder and COO at Kubermatic (formerly Loodse), an enterprise software company focused on building solutions to automate Kubernetes and cloud native operations across all infrastructures. With Kubermativ, he wants to empower IT teams everywhere to focus on their core expertise: writing groundbreaking applications, not operations. Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform automates thousands of Kubernetes clusters across hybrid and multi-cloud, on-prem and edge environments with unparalleled density and resilience.