Container Technology – Interview with Brent Schroeder

The cloud report conducted five short interviews with five people from the cloud and container technology environment and asked five questions. The fourth interview was with Brent Schroeder, CTO of SUSE 

Why using container technology?  

Enterprises are under pressure to respond faster to customer expectations and economic challenges. Containers, and a Kubernetes platform that orchestrates their deployment and operation, enable enterprises to deliver applications faster across a hybrid ecosystem improving customer experiences.                                

What is the best invention of the last 12 month? 

Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry integrations enabling PaaS developer productivity with the power and portability of Kubernetes orchestration. These capabilities are reflected in the Cloud Foundry projects Quarks, Eirini, KubeCF, and Stratos, which together create a Kubernetes-native application platform for developers.  

What is your security approach? 

Security is built in from OS to container engine to management, with network isolation, plus control of privileges, secrets, and storage security. Workloads are managed in a secure supply chain, from images to registries to build process. Authentication and rights for users and operators leverage Role Based Access Control. 

Wha​t is your favorite product in regards of container technology?  

Stratos: an extensible multi-cloud UI for Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry. It deploys, manages, and monitors applications and services across multiple clusters and clouds, empowering developers and operators alike to work across a diverse ecosystem. 

Caas vs Paas: which solution are you using/providing and why?  

SUSE doesn’t believe in one-size fits all. Our flexible solution comprises CaaS and PaaS layers. SUSE CaaS Platform is a Kubernetes-based container management foundation for infrastructure and application administrators, and SUSE Cloud Application Platform adds a high productivity developer experience to Kubernetes. 


About Brent Schroeder: As SUSE CTO, Brent Schroeder is responsible for shaping SUSE’s technology and portfolio strategy. He drives the technology relationship with numerous industry partners, participates in open source communities as well as evangelizes the SUSE vision with customers, press and analysts.