Cloud Provider Tests: Picking the Winner – Category CaaS

In every edition of “the cloud report” we have a wide range of different evaluations. We test the provision of different cloud vendors in many categories. There are evaluations from the documented datas from all cloud providers and also active tests. The cloud experts from Cloudical set up scenarios and evaluate all datas that can be collected. They act and test like normal customers of the cloud provider.

The tests are all the same for every vendor, also the set ups stay equal. So, you get a wide range of comparable datas and results. The different categories help you to get a clear overview about the provisions, but also deep insights.

If you are looking for the proper vendor for your business or your project, this is your independent survey. You get information about speed, throughput, scalability, availability, used tools, and of course costs. Everything is clearly comparable in the presented tables here.


Based on the results we also pick the winner of every category in every quarterly edition.

This time the winners were picked by Karsten Samaschke, CEO of Cloudical.


The Winner of the Category Container as a Service is: Google

Why:  Google is the driving force behind Kubernetes – and this shows off here. The Google Container Engine is just delivering a shining performance.

In section Price in this category the winner is: Google again


Please, take a look into the tables and let us know, if you find another winner!

Here are all the test results.