SUSE finalized the Acquisition of Rancher

Today Rancher announced the agreement to be acqired by SUSE.

Rancher is the most widely used enterprise Kubernetes platform. SUSE is the largest independent open source software company and a leader in enterprise Linux. By combining Rancher and SUSE, they not only gain massive engineering resources to further strengthen a market-leading product, they are also able to preserve our unique 100% open source business model.

Rancher started 6 years ago to develop the next generation enterprise computing platform built on a relatively new technology called containers. They could not have anticipated the tremendous growth and popularity of the Kubernetes technology. Rancher was able to thrive in this exciting and highly dynamic market because they developed innovative products. Grass-roots adoption coupled with a unique enterprise-grade support subscription led to the hypergrowth.

After the acquisition closes later this year, you can expect an accelerated pace of product innovation. And given SUSE’s 28-year history building a highly successful open source business, the commitment to open source will remain strong.

The acquisition is great for Rancher customers and partners. At Rancher they take pride in our industry-leading customer satisfaction with an NPS score of over 80. SUSE’s global reach and enterprise focus will further strengthen their commitment to customers who rely on Rancher to power mission-critical workloads. Likewise, SUSE’s strong ecosystem will greatly accelerate Rancher’s on-going efforts to transform how organizations adopt cloud native technology.

This acquisition is a launch point for further growth of Rancher. Rancher and SUSE together will be the enterprise computing company that transforms our industry.


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