Red Kubes announces to simplify the deployment of Otomi Container Platform with a single Helm chart

Red Kubes announced at KubeCon last week the soon release of the option to deploy Otomi Container Platform with a single Helm chart. This is marking a milestone for Red Kubes towards a much broader adoption of both the EE and the open-source CE version of the Otomi Container Platform on its mission to deliver a full-blown turn-key Kubernetes-based container platform solution.

By making Otomi available as a single Helm chart, we pave the way to a much wider adoption and the option to make the EE version available through the AWS and Azure marketplaces,” says Sander Rodenhuis, CEO at Red Kubes.

This news comes in the wake of many recent initiatives and accomplishments of the company, including:

  • Singing the first MSP to deliver a complete managed container platform service with Otomi Container Platform
  • Securing a $1.45M USD Seed Funding in January

Otomi Container Platform is an added value layer on top of Kubernetes. It contains a suite of integrated and pre-configured best-of-breed open source tools combined with automation & self-service, all wrapped together and made available as an enterprise-grade and production-ready container platform solution. Otomi can be installed on any Kubernetes cluster in any cloud and even on-premises, making it a true multi- and hybrid cloud solution.

With the simplification of the installation we are trying to offer a much cheaper and better out-of-the-box platform experience compared to OpenShift,” says Sander Rodenhuis, CEO at Red Kubes.

After installing the Otomi Container Platform using the Helm chart, a user can log in to the web console and use all the pre-configured and integrated applications like Harbor, Keycloak, Loki, Prometheus, HashiCorp Vault, Kubeapps, and much more. The Enterprise Edition version offers developer self-service and the option to change Otomi configuration options, like using an external Git repository instead of the locally deployed Gitea.

With the Community Edition version, a user can clone the bootstrapped Otomi values repository, change configuration values and commit the changes. The cluster state is then automatically changed using a pre-configured pipeline, offering a true GitOps way of working.

To learn more about the EE Otomi Container Platform version, click here []. To learn more about the CE Otomi Container Platform version, click here [].


About Red Kubes: Red Kubes is a Dutch startup founded in 2019 and offers a turn-key cloud-agnostic Kubernetes-based container platform solution called Otomi Container Platform to make Kubernetes adoption a less expensive and simple experience.






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