Polyverse partners with SUSE to protect against zero-day attacks

Polyverse Corporation has entered into an agreement with SUSE to provide Polymorphing for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server as an innovative way of helping protect government and enterprise customers against zero-day attacks.

“We are excited about the opportunity this partnership brings our customers,” said Alex Gounares, Polyverse CEO. “The combination of SUSE, the world’s largest independent open source software company, and Polyverse, a provider of leading-edge cybersecurity technology for open source, makes SUSE the natural choice as a preferred partner.”

Currently used by the Department of Defense and other government institutions to protect some of the most critical military infrastructure, Polymorphing mitigates risk from rapidly increasing and adapting cyberattacks on Linux. It provides immediate protection against the #1 most dangerous software weakness identified by MITRE 2020 – memory-exploiting zero-day attacks – whether systems are patched or unpatched, without any negative impact on application performance or disruptive changes to working practices or processes.

“Security is top of mind for government and enterprise customers, and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is one of the most secure platforms for mission-critical applications,” said Jeff Lattomus, president, North America, for SUSE. “The combination of Polyverse Polymorphing and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server helps protect against the exploitation of memory-based vulnerabilities, enabling IT teams to focus more on forward-facing, innovative projects that drive business value.”

Polymorphing for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server can be applied to containerized cloud native applications and virtualized or physical data center environments. Polymorphing can be used to secure workloads on AWS Public and GovCloud, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Polymorphing for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is available immediately. For more information, see our website or contact suseteam@polyverse.com.

About Polyverse:
Polyverse Corporation is a cybersecurity company that uses its revolutionary Polymorphing technology to defend global enterprises and governments against the most devastating zero-day cyberattacks. Validated by the U.S. Department of Defense to mitigate against zero-day memory exploits, Polyverse’s turnkey solution supports all major versions of Linux, installs in minutes and works with existing systems without changing performance or IT processes. Founded in 2015, Polyverse is led by founder and CEO Alex Gounares. CNBC named Polyverse as one of the Top 100 Startups in the World. Visit our website, read our blog, and follow us on Twitter @PolyverseCorp. For any questions please contact Joanne Harris on +1 855 765 9837 or jharris@polyverse.com.




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