OpenStack as Infrastructure Layer of the VanillaStack

Berlin, 20.10.2020 – Today Cloudical, a Berlin-based cloud-native company, explains why and how they integrated OpenStack as infrastructure layer in their recently launched VanillaStack.

OpenStack – important piece of the VanillaStack

VanillaStack is a complete cloud stack based on Kubernetes and made with open source components only. Right from the beginning, OpenStack was the chosen technology for the Infrastructure-as-a-Service layer. Cloudical´s engineers have advanced OpenStack experiences and implemented OpenStack projects for many customers during the last years, so they know the advantages and endless possibilities of OpenStack projects and offerings.

“Operating OpenStack often is a challenge for our customers. That´s why we integrated OpenStack in our VanillaStack. We preconfigured several OpenStack components and use HELM charts to roll out the stack. With our VanillaStack installer you are able to roll out OpenStack within less than 40 minutes in very few and simple steps”, said Kim-Norman Sahm, CTO of Cloudical.

As the de-facto standard for open source infrastructure solutions OpenStack offers an enterprise grade Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform. Due to its architecture and REST-APIs, OpenStack can run perfectly well on top of Kubernetes, the heart of VanillaStack.

VanillaStack can run as underlying platform for OpenStack, as well as running on top of OpenStack to provide a scaling middleware layer for workloads.

During VanillaStack installation, one can choose the OpenStack release. Cloudical integrated Stein, Ussuri and Train, allowing to select from the best OpenStacks releases so far. Additionally, one can adjust the included OpenStack components, such as Cinder, Gance, Heat, Neutron, Horizon, Keystone, Nova, etc., to the given environment.

Screenshot from the VanillaStack installer

With the integration of OpenStack in VanillaStack, Cloudical took the first step in an in-depth collaboration with the OpenStack community and the new founded Open Infrastructure Foundation. “Since Cloudical has many years of OpenStack experience, and since VanillaStack is the fastest and most easy way to roll out OpenStack on Kubernetes, we happily decided to join the new Open Infrastructure Foundation. This was inevitable and obvious to us”, explains Karsten Samaschke, CEO of Cloudical.


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