OpenNebula 6.0 “Mutara” Release

Expanding Your Multi-Cloud to the Edge

OpenNebula 6.0 “Mutara” is the first stable release of the OpenNebula 6 series, laying the groundwork for the completely integrated and automated enterprise edge cloud. The powerful distributed cloud architecture enabled by OpenNebula 6.0, and developed under the auspices of the ONEedge innovation project, is composed of edge clusters that can run any workload both virtual machines and containers—on any resource—bare metal or virtualized—anywhere—on-premises and on public cloud providers. Organizations will now be equipped with a simple and robust architecture to deploy multi-cloud and far edge cloud environments, enhancing their agility and empowering them to broaden their applications and infrastructure while dramatically reducing costs and preventing vendor lock-in.

With the growing collection of public resources at the edge, “Mutara” provides the perfect solution to expand service availability, and enable new ultra-low-latency applications. It’s fully featured command line interface and modern, slick web interface—FireEdge—are perfect for the seamless provisioning of OpenNebula’s edge clusters and for creating an “Edge as a Service” environment in just a few minutes. Thanks to a single control panel, this new version of OpenNebula provides a user-friendly command center for centralized operations and management that entirely abstracts cloud functionality and ensures portability across public cloud and edge providers.

And as container orchestration leads the line for many development team requirements, OpenNebula 6.0 enables organizations to automatically deploy and manage multiple Kubernetes clusters across edge locations to enable truly multi-tenant and large-scale container orchestration.

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