The e-Referral Service and NHS 111 Directory of Services have successfully completed transistion.

The NHS’has continued its push to move its infrastructure and services to the cloud with two major systems completing their migration. The healthcare system has announced that its e-Referral Service (e-RS) and NHS 111 Directory of Services (DoS) have successfully completed their cloud migration.

As a result, the public should be spending less, while being offered a better and more secure service.

Both services have migrated using AWS Cloud Computing Services.

“There are a wealth of benefits that come from moving large systems like e-RS and DoS to the cloud,” commented Neil Bennett, Director of Services at NHS Digital. “Costs are lowered, reducing pressure on the public purse, there is better security and reliability, as well as greater flexibility, performance, scalability and availability, to name a few.

“This was a tremendous collaborative effort across many different teams here and with external partners, to migrate such large systems with a minimum of disruption to users, in a reasonably short timescale.”

e-RS is a national electronic booking service that allows patients to choose where and when they’ll be getting their first hospital or clinic appointment. According to the NHS, the service gets around 18 million referrals every year.

The DoS is a critical national 24/7 service, underpinning emergency care across the country.

Migrating to the cloud, as part of the digital transformation effort, is expected to improve customer satisfaction through better and cheaper service, while keeping customer data safe and secure.


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