Nextcloud: Talk 9 brings grid view, file editing, open sources Talk back-end

New release open sources the high-performance back-end, improves scalability, introduces Grid View, and makes sharing and collaborative editing documents easier.

Nextcloud GmbH announced the upcoming major release of Nextcloud Talk that will include significant improvements for teams collaborating remotely, including easy document sharing with drag’n’drop, in-call collaborative document editing and significant modifications to facilitate calls with more participants. Together with this release, tgheir partner Struktur AG makes the high-performance back-end available under the AGPL license. A first release candidate of Talk 9 is available today and the final release is expected in about two weeks. Most of the improvements in the area of performance and scalability have been backported to the stable Talk 8 series, making them available to users right now.

Nextcloud Talk team lead Joas Schilling notes:

Talk 9 represents a huge leap forward, allowing larger teams to work together more efficiently. The availability of the high performance back-end under an open source license will help hundreds of organizations to quickly get a secure, on-premises communication platform up and running!

Open sourcing the high-performance back-end

The crisis created a high demand at schools, government and businesses for remote communication solutions, but hastily introduced public cloud technologies have resulted in a surge in news about data leaks and security issues. As a secure, on-premises open source collaboration platform, Nextcloud Talk can deliver communication at enterprise scale. This is enabled by its high-performance back-end developed in collaboration with leading video conferencing solution provider Struktur AG. To support organizations in difficult times, Nextcloud has worked with Struktur AG to make the high-performance back-end freely available under the AGPL license.

To help organizations who might not have the resources to host the HPB themselves, Struktur AG will be offering a hosted solution with a 30 days free trial.

Modern organizations need seamless collaboration and communication integrated in a secure, easy to deploy package. With Nextcloud Talk, organizations can protect the confidentiality of their conversations internally as well as with partners, customers and suppliers.

— Frank Karlitschek, CEO of Nextcloud GmbH

Improvements in Talk 9

The main improvements coming in the Talk 9 release will include:

  • Smarter integration of document handling with introduction of drag’n’drop and of files in a chat, viewing or collaboratively editing documents in a call or chat and an option for users to decide where shared documents are stored
  • Grid view option, scrolling participant list in normal view, and manual selection of ‘promoted’ speaker
  • Automatic video quality adjustments to reduce the load on client devices and network
  • Mobile apps introduce offline support, a big user interface rewrite in the Android app and accessibility and usability improvements for iOS.

Other improvements include back-end clustering to improve the scalability of server setup, improved connection management and error handling, improved handling of adding participants, the ability for moderators to turn off microphones of participants and the ability to limit creating conversations to a specific group.

We have been impressed by the quick turn-around and fast improvements possible in tight collaboration between the Nextcloud engineers, our team and our customers in the public sector; and we’re excited to see the performance improvements that came out of that collaboration reach the wider open source community

— Peer Heinlein, CEO and founder of Heinlein Support

Most of the performance improvements and video quality selection capabilities that were developed together with Heinlein technicians have also been made available to Nextcloud Talk 8, giving users of current Nextcloud Hub releases also access to a smoother Talk experience. The feature enhancements will be part of Nextcloud Talk 9, which will depend on the upcoming 19 release of Nextcloud Hub.


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