Mozilla launches Firefox 85 with supercookie protection

Mozilla has announced the availability of Firefox 85. The new update brings supercookie protection, better bookmark management, and an option to remove all of your saved logins in the password manager with one click rather than having to delete them one at a time. Today’s update also marks the first Firefox release to ship without support for Adobe Flash which recently reached end-of-life.

For years now, Firefox has been positioned itself as the go-to browser for the best privacy protections, it already has strong measures in place to prevent third-party tracking but with today’s update, it will also begin to stymie supercookies. Supercookies are cookies that are used to track you online but stay hidden from the browser, they even stick around after you clear your browser’s cookies. Firefox 85 isolates supercookies so they cannot track and profile you as you go from one website to the next.

The biggest visual change that users will see in this update is to the bookmarks bar. Even if you have your bookmarks bar hidden, it’ll still be displayed on new tabs. The firm says that this is the default setting implying that you can hide it on the new tabs page if you don’t like it. A new folder on the toolbar will also give you access to your bookmarks menu.

The final change worth mentioning in this update is the ability to delete all of your saved logins with the click of a button. In the past, you’d have to go through the list manually deleting them one by one which was time-consuming if you had lots of logins to go through.

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