Liftr Insights Formed to Commercialize DevOps-Based Industry Analysis

AUSTIN, TX – August 6th, 2019  Liftr® Insights℠ and DoubleHorn® announce the launch of the Liftr® Insights℠ data analytics business, as an independent business, separate from that of the cloud services brokerage services of DoubleHorn®. DoubleHorn continues to serve as a cloud services brokerage line of business for public sector customers but as a separate company from Liftr Insights. 


In addition, Liftr Insights, formerly the Liftr Cloud Insights℠ service of DoubleHorn, is expanding its data analytics business to include delivering insights on all things related to Internet-attached infrastructure.  


“Establishing Liftr Insights as an independent services company by spinning-out our data analytics business from our cloud brokerage business will allow us to innovate and customize our data analytics portfolio more rapidly,” says Tab Schadt, CEO of Liftr Insights. “Over the past six years, as a multi-cloud services provider we have witnessed an insatiable appetite for deeper and more customized infrastructure market analysis and insights.”  


What is Liftr Insights? 

 Liftr Insights identifies trends and delivers insights about deployed Internet-attached infrastructure including everything from tracking cloud service provider components, edge infrastructure (including 5G), Internet of Things (IoT)In essence, if Internet-attached hardware has an accessible software application programming interference (API)then Liftr Insights can enumerate itmonitor it, and respond immediately to changes. 

 The Liftr Insights process automates data collection over the public Internet, aggregates collected data in structured databasescleans and standardizes the aggregated data, and finally analyzes the standardized data. Liftr Insights services delivers data, analysis, and insights through reports and APIs. 

 “We created Liftr Insights around a disruptive business model for measuring and tracking infrastructure markets in an Internet-connected world, says Liftr Insights Principal Analyst Paul Teich

What differentiates Liftr Insights from other market research companies is that it doesn’t field surveys to gather data. Instead, Liftr Insights is DevOps basedIt collects all of the publicly-available data available (and private data with permission of the data’s owner)substantially reducing the chance of sample bias. 

 “This is an Innovators Dilemma moment for the tech industry analysis business, since DevOps will eventually displace surveys for analyzing digital infrastructure and its supply chains, Teich said.

Liftr Insights analyzes public cloud infrastructure with its Liftr Cloud Components Tracker. Liftr Insights plans to scale its service portfolio to enumerate edge infrastructure and IoT deployments in the future. 


Liftr Cloud Components Tracker 

 The Liftr Cloud Components Tracker is the world’s first and only enumeration and analysis of deployed cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) instance types. Liftr Insights delivers accurate insights about deployed public cloud infrastructure based on trend analysis of its uniquely complete and standardized database of deployed cloud IaaS instance types. 

 Liftr Insights performed its first production scan of the top four public clouds in late April 2019: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform services (GCP infrastructure platform), and Alibaba Cloud (Aliyun). Canalys Cloud Analysisservice estimates that these four tracked clouds accounted for 63.6% of combined cloud IaaS and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) revenue in Q2 2019. 

 The Liftr Cloud Components Tracker takes advantage of scaling through DevOps by enumerating and analyzing about 12,000 individual instance types per month in the four tracked clouds, worldwideLiftr Insights plans on tracking more public clouds in the future. The fourth monthly report of the Liftr Cloud Components Tracker service will be delivered in August. 

 The Liftr Cloud Components Tracker tracks cloud IaaS compute instance type configurations and pricing, along with the major components of each instance type, such as processor and accelerator models. Currently tracked components include AMD EPYC, Arm-based AWS Gravitonand Intel Xeon server processorsplus AMD FirePro and NVIDIA Tesla GPUs, Intel Stratix and Xilinx Virtex FPGAs, and Google Cloud TPU accelerators. 

 Liftr Insights DevOps-based automation collects each cloud service providers instance type metadata and descriptive data, such as on-demand pricing, processor model, number of virtual cores, memory size, and accelerator model once a monthIt aggregates this data, analyzes it, and reports insights in monthly Liftr Cloud Components Tracker reportseach accompanied by a spreadsheet containing chart and table data, as well as a presentation deck with high-resolution chart graphics. 


Liftr Insights’ Market Potential 

 Liftr Insights is positioned to revolutionize how Internet-attached infrastructure is are collected with its DevOps based toolset. By focusing on detail, accuracy, and its monthly delivery cadence, Liftr Insights provides valuable information and insight for technology stakeholders. 

For example, infrastructure service providers will be able to assess themselves against market leaders and against emerging competitors while supply chain vendors can track valued configurations, prices, regional availability and other patterns in hardware deployment.  

Liftr Insights services are also a designed to give technology investors an edge, enabling investors to see a real-time holistic view of both service providers and supply chain vendor success in their portfolio. Finally, IT service companies can plan regional and worldwide deployments based on the availability of similar capabilities regionally with Liftr Insights’ data. 

The Liftr Cloud Regions Map online visualization tool enables website visitors to graphically explore high-level summary information of public cloud services, including availability of IaaS accelerator types and models by cloud provider region, worldwide. 

 Liftr Insights’ Internet-attached infrastructure market intelligence enables technology designers, manufacturers, channels, and customers to make informed business decisions for their respective companies. 


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