Kubernetes Security by Design – Webinar

If you need to update or create a new Kubernetes environment, this webinar explains how to do it securely by design. To get a secure Kubernetes cluster it is the best to implement security components from the beginning. But you can also add them retrospectively 

Meet Kubernetes and security experts from GlobalDotsCloudical, and Octarine as they come together to share best practices for approaching security risks when transitioning to Kubernetes or updating an existing environment. 


Date: April 16th 2020
@ 17:30 CET (8:30AM PST ; 11:30AM EST) 


The webinar includes an interactive presentation and QA session on: 

  • How to simplify your approach to security with experts best practices 
  • Overview of relevant features of Kubernetes Security 
  • Discussion on how to create a secure and auditable architecture from scratch 
  • Outline of architecture to implement a secure set of Kubernetes objects 
  • An open QA session at the end of the presentation QA session at the end of the presentation (15 min) 

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FAQ (30 mins) where all of the participants can ask questions and get immediate answers.  


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