IT Leaders Unite to Discuss the GraphQL Ecosystem and API Innovations at Lake Constance

IT leaders and engineers are gathering for the first GraphQL Conference in Southern Germany on September 6 in Konstanz. The line-up for GraphQL Day Bodensee includes speakers from Financial Times, AWS App Sync, Gatsby JS and more, bringing in industry experts from the US, Germany, Switzerland, France, and beyond. They will share insights into best practices for optimizing application performance, increasing API flexibility, uncovering the nuances of GraphQL schema design along with general developer productivity.

The non-profit community event is a part of GraphQL Days – a series of global events focused on the open-source data query and manipulation language for APIs, GraphQL. Adopted by technology leaders like Facebook, Airbnb, Paypal, and Microsoft, GraphQL is becoming the preferred approach for developing and consuming digital APIs. It is rapidly becoming a top alternative to REST. 

The event is organized by GraphCMS, the leading GraphQL headless CMS, and Honeypot, Europe’s tech-focused job platform for Software Developers. It is supported by Prisma and AWS Amplify and is a must-visit for developers both frontend and, backend, solution architects, IT leads, and CTOs from the area.


GraphQL is a paradigm-shifting API technology, a true expression of the microservices spirit. We are excited to be its ambassadors. With the backing of a vibrant global community and the institutional support of the Linux Foundation, GraphQL is on its way to become the dominant API paradigm.” – Michael Lukaszczyk, CEO of GraphCMS.


Companies using GraphQL report significantly quicker release cycles of their applications, drastic data-over-wire reductions, and 2-4x savings in developer effort. 

Previous editions of GraphQL Days have taken place in Amsterdam, Toronto and Berlin. Register for the event under the following link. Readers of the Cloud Report can use the code D10GDB for a discount on their Early Bird tickets until July 31.


Author: Alex Naydenov, Enterprise Sales Director at GraphCMS

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