Humio Achieves Impressive Data Processing Milestone

Data management company Humio has announced results of a new benchmark running 100TB/day providing real-time visibility of data at scale.

Using cloud resources, Kubernetes, and the company’s own tools, the development team demonstrated what customers are already experiencing with their own deployments of the Humio platform. The Scalability Benchmark delivers live observability of 100 TB loads on only 25 nodes with ease, the company said.

The benchmark reflects what some of the company’s customers such as LunarWay, Michigan State University, Netlify, SpareBank 1 and various others are already benefiting from. Geeta Schmidt, CEO of Humio, said that the time-series database engine has been optimized to ingest and aggregate large ranges of log data instantly.

Users can benefit from the solution as it helps aggregate, interact and gain visibility of their applications, Kubernetes metrics and events to analyze the performance of their docker containers.

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