Flowmon Taking Advantage of Amazon VPC Traffic Mirroring

The whole IT industry has experienced a transition into cloud in past years. As a major player in Public Cloud, AWS is also one of the first considered option for Flowmon customers when designing their IT plans.


Public cloud monitoring

Everybody realizes that the business-critical applications must deliver at expected quality consistently. To avoid service delays, application unavailability and degradation of user experience that directly impact the satisfaction of customers and users, and thus business goals and reputation, businesses must see what is happening in network traffic and respond immediately to mitigate the financial impact.

In public cloud environments, it has been always tricky to get access to network traffic. Traditional on premise approaches such as L2 tapping or SPAN/mirror ports are not available while detailed view on the traffic remains crucial for NetOps and SecOps teams when dealing with daily operational and security issues. On the other hand, enterprises are used to have a deep level of visibility in their on premise infrastructure and they are wondering about having the same view when moving their operations to the cloud. Flowmon takes advantage of Amazon Virtual Public Cloud (Amazon VPC) traffic mirroring natively in AWS to help them to get an instant insight to resolve network performance issues, identify optimization opportunities and ensure infrastructure across different environments to support business-critical services.



  • A single solution to unify monitoring – Unified view on all your environments On-premise HW, virtual, SDN, public and private cloud
  • Bringing teams together – Single solution for NetOps, SecOps and Application Performance
  • State of the art cloud monitoring technologies – Early adopter of Amazon VPC Traffic Mirroring



sourec: flowmoon.com

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