Diego or Eirini

2020 Cloud Foundry Platform Certification – Now Includes Option for Architecture To Bring Ease of Cloud Foundry Developer Experience to Kubernetes Users

Cloud Foundry Foundation, simplifying the developer experience, announced that Atos, Cloud.gov, IBM, SAP, SUSE, Swisscom, and VMware have renewed their Cloud Foundry Platform Certification for 2020. The updated version of the Platform Certification now allows providers to choose either Diego, the more recently developed Kubernetes-based Eirini, or both, as the internal product architecture for the container orchestration layer.

Cloud Foundry Platform Certification ensures consistency of the cloud application platform and portability across any cloud service or on-premises software product that offers the Cloud Foundry Application Runtime technology. Platform Certification guarantees all certified products are using the same core Cloud Foundry software, establishing consistency, reliability and portability. The Cloud Foundry Platform Certification mark is only awarded to products and services meeting the strict technical requirements outlined by the Cloud Foundry Foundation’s technical governing body. Products called “Cloud Foundry” can only use that designation after meeting Cloud Foundry Platform Certification standards. Providers must re-certify every year.

“This is the first year the Cloud Foundry Platform Certification allows Kubernetes to be the default container scheduler, giving developers more flexibility to run their apps across any Cloud Foundry instance in the language and framework of their choice,” said Chip Childers, Executive Director, Cloud Foundry Foundation. “The mission of the Cloud Foundry community is to simplify the developer experience, and we have accomplished this with the new Platform Certification requirements, as we bring the Cloud Foundry developer experience to Kubernetes users.”

The 2020 Cloud Foundry Certified Platforms are:

  • Atos Cloud Foundry
  • Cloud.gov
  • IBM Cloud Foundry
  • SAP Cloud Platform
  • SUSE Cloud Application Platform
  • Swisscom Application Cloud
  • VMware Tanzu Application Service

Find out how to try Cloud Foundry at https://www.cloudfoundry.org/certified-platforms/.

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