Cisco to sell HashiCorp Terraform Cloud with the Cisco Intersight Platform

HashiCorp has announced it has entered into a multi-year agreement with Cisco, in which Cisco will sell HashiCorp Terraform Cloud Business alongside the Cisco Intersight platform. The agreement will help customers achieve a hybrid cloud operating model using Terraform’s infrastructure as code for infrastructure provisioning and management of private datacentres with Cisco Intersight.

“HashiCorp is delighted to expand our commercial agreement with Cisco, a critical provider of compute infrastructure, networking, and security solutions in private datacentres. Together, we are working to help solve the challenges that large organisations face when running both public cloud and private datacentre environments,” says Brandon Sweeney, chief revenue officer at HashiCorp. “Through this agreement, we are excited to deliver proven solutions to accelerate the delivery of a cloud operating model for our joint customers.”

Organisations adopt Terraform infrastructure as code because they are challenged by inconsistent, error-prone provisioning practices across multiple environments. Offered as a service, Terraform Cloud allows teams and organisations to provision multi-cloud infrastructure, and manage risks for security, compliance, and operational constraints. Organisations are looking to extend these capabilities to their private environments as well.

The Cisco Intersight platform delivers intelligent visualisation, optimisation, and orchestration for applications and infrastructure in hybrid and on-premises environments via a consistent, SaaS-delivered cloud operations platform. The Cisco Intersight Service for Terraform will offer a bridge to easily and securely integrate on-premises environments with Terraform Cloud Business, and enable IT Ops and DevOps teams to automate infrastructure provisioning using infrastructure as code across hybrid cloud.

“HashiCorp Terraform enables Riot’s Esports team to simplify management of our infrastructure by enabling reliable deployment of changes across our global footprint,” comments Scott Adametz, senior manager, infrastructure engineering at Riot Games. “Working in concert with continuous innovation/continuous delivery pipelines, the Cisco Intersight cloud operations platform is enabling us to provision networking and compute infrastructure across multiple environments with the simplicity of a git merge. With Cisco Intersight Service for HashiCorp Terraform, we will have the opportunity to simplify and secure our operations further to ensure consistent infrastructure automation and improve DevOps agility.”

“DevOps and application teams, as well as the infrastructure and operations teams are under pressure to provide the resource flexibility their development team requires,” says Kaustubh Das, vice president and general manager of cloud and compute at Cisco. “Through our strategic agreement, Cisco and HashiCorp are opening a fast lane for organizations to accelerate application innovation across hybrid cloud. Our jointly-developed solution enables organizations to simplify the challenge of securely exposing their on-premises environments via the Cisco Intersight platform to Terraform Cloud Business and easily integrate with their IaC strategies.”

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